Regime change elements plotted Mugabe ouster- ANC

Source: Regime Change Elements Plotted Mugabe Ouster- ANC | ZimEye November 22, 2017

Terrence Mawawa | The African National Congress(ANC) has sensationally claimed regime change elements are behind the demise of President Robert Mugabe.

Speaking on a South African Television Station today ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe said he was amused by the fact that the former colonizers hysterically celebrated the removal of Mugabe.

“Of concern is the fact that the former colonizers were ecstatic about the removal of President Mugabe from office,” said Mantashe.

He urged Zimbabwean Citizens to laud the role played by Mugabe during the liberation struggle.He also said Mugabe played a pivotal role in the empowerment of Africans in general.

He however said the ANC was impressed by the peaceful manner in which the people of Zimbabwe expressed their concerns.

“We appreciate the fact there is peace in Zimbabwe.

We were also happy with the way the people of Zimbabwe expressed their concerns,” said Mantashe.

“We hope that the people of Zimbabwe will rebuild their country and restore the glory days of the past,” he said.


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    Aruna 3 years ago

    African leaders should stop blaming others when they themselves have failed dismally. Everybody in Zimbabwe Africans and the so called colonizers all came out to celebrate the ouster of Mugabe that alone is evident that he failed the people of Zimbabwe