Resolve chieftainship disputes: Charumbira

Source: Resolve chieftainship disputes: Charumbira | The Herald November 28, 2018

Resolve chieftainship disputes: CharumbiraChief Charumbira

Mash Central Correspondent
THE National Council of Chiefs has urged the Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs, Senator Monica Mavhunga, to deal with issues affecting the appointment of chiefs.

Addressing mourners gathered in Guruve last week for the burial of the late Chief Bepura, president of the National Council of Chiefs, Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira, said despite dealing with issues of land inequality after Independence, there were still numerous issues pertaining to chieftainships which needed to be ironed out.

This followed calls by the late Chief Bepura and his people to be relocated back to Damba area in Mhangura, Mashonaland West, where they were displaced by colonialists who invaded their fertile soils during the colonial era.

“As chiefs, we work as one, hence we are here for the funeral of Chief Bepura,” said Chief Charumbira. However, we are aware of the numerous chieftainship issues in this province. Yes, after Independence we managed to redistribute land, However, we are still tied up with issues of chieftainships like the one of Chief Bepura and his people who need to be relocated to the place of their forefathers in Damba.

“Yes, we respect the President’s appointments, but we urge the Minister of State to deal with these issues without political polarisation. Chiefs should not be appointed on partisan lines.

“As the resident minister, you should not be used by politicians when it comes to the appointment of chiefs.

“I hear (Chief) Chipuriro is not here, I wanted to tell him that you should not interfere with governance issues in areas where you would have allowed someone to preside over.”

Chief Bepura hailed from Mhangura and was settled in Guruve by Chief Chipuriro, but ever since his installation in 2006, he had been battling to relocate back to his area.

Speaking at the same occasion, Chief Nembire urged the Bepura family to remain united until a new chief is installed.

“To the Mhazi family, I urge you to remain united while you take your time to select the rightful person who will take over from the late chief,” he said.

“We are aware of the Damba issue, but we will only make progress if we are united and move together without fights.

“Do not be misled by tsikamutandas or fake prophets, but rather follow the right channels to come up with the right heir to the throne.”

Chief Bepura, born Kenneth Silas Bepura, died on Sunday at Guruve District Hospital after a long illness.

He is survived by his wife, eight children and 16 grandchildren.

The funeral was attended by Sen Mavhunga, deputy president of the National Council of Chiefs Chief Mtshane Khumalo, provincial chiefs and some National Assembly members.


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    Haaa hinga Charumbira muporofita wenhema (Tsikamutanda chaiye). Kuvona vuroyi bwavamwe iye ariiye sabhuku mukuru pakuroya pacho – nxaaaa! Anotaura zvamapopoto evuye aasineyi nawo (ekuMash West kure kure naye uko) ko iye anokangamwa kuti arikugarisiwa pavushe nepolitics nemaCourts? The Charumbira people know & have been openly telling him to allow the chieftainship to pass on to the rightful persons. Some have been to the courts on some issue uncountable times but continue to fail to remove him becoz of his unholy alliance with powerful politicians, not becoz they lack facts. The politicians like him for him readiness to harass & intimidate people on their behalf around every election time (in fact for his thuggery). Uhwa achiti kana agutisa beans nembanje “Eeee, reagi ndikuvudzeyi, munhu waita zveMDC kana umwe musangano usiri zanu pf zvokwadi muno mutsvimbo manmgu unotama ….” nxaaaa!