Retailers seek Mnangagwa’s intervention 

Source: Retailers seek Mnangagwa’s intervention – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 4, 2017


Speaking at the CZR 2017 Annual Retailers and Wholesalers awards dinner held in the capital last week, CZR president, Denford Mutashu said the foreign currency problem has to be addressed expeditiously.

“We want money in banks in order to restore confidence. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers are suffering and sometimes humiliated when they fail to settle external payments and that has strained relations and destroyed trust where some foreign suppliers now demand payment upfront before releasing raw materials or goods,” he said.

Mutashu said there was bureaucratic red tape, which has been impeding business growth and called on the government to immediately respond, and make changes where there is need.

“Too many policies to business are a cost to production. There is need to clearly spell out the Indigenisation policy and where possible realign it with current international investment trends while preserving the national interests.

“Local authorities need to craft long-term policies through Parliament that legislate modern vending, including the provision of alternative sites away from established retailers and wholesalers.”

Mutashu called on the government to consider the plight of marginalised areas such as Mwenezi and Checheche, where basic commodities like cooking oil are unavailable in shops.