Three Planes Go Missing At Air Zimbabwe 

Source: Three Planes Go Missing At Air Zimbabwe – Techunzipped News

Three planes have gone missing at Air Zimbabwe, this is according to the Daily News on Sunday which stated that three MA60 planes purchased from China had “vanished into thin air”.

Auditor General Ms. Mildred Chiri told the publication that there is no paper trail to establish what happened to the 3 birds.

Chiri said that there were 3 MA60 Aircrafts that were not accounted for in the company’s Financial Statements. There was no lease agreement and there was no agreement of sale for the planes hence the AG didn’t know how to properly account for them.

The national airline bought the aircrafts for a whopping $48 Million (apparently between 2005 and 2006). The some of the money was used to pay for ground support equipment and personnel training.

This is just one account of the rot that is marring the parastatals as of today.


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    Saddened 3 years ago

    No surprise there. Typical of the ZANU cronies, steal lie and steal

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    As every aircraft in the world is registered, it should not be difficult to see where they are now.
    These just cannot have disappeared – they are somewhere. I bet the easier trial is to find somebody locally – somebody will know

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      Kinte 3 years ago

      You are very correct as usual @him the article does not state when these planes vanished was in the Mugabe era??Was it at the time the sone in law was at the helm of Air Zimbabwe?? They cannot just say that the planes have vanished they must investigate what a useless bunch they are someone somewhere knows something

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    Zimbabwe Scareways 3 years ago

    Not surprised with this airline could not pay their landing fees, hotels for passengers , not pay their staff etc.

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      Mukaaiwa 3 years ago

      It’s becos this Zanupf government is government of thugs all of them how can such a big thing just disappear and they keep quite about that there is no future in this country for the next generation

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    Maybe they disappeared when they flew over Triangle.