Top cop accuses ZACC officer of concealing documents

Source: Top cop accuses ZACC officer of concealing documents | The Herald

Top cop accuses ZACC officer of concealing documents
Erasmus Makodza

Nyore Madzianike-Senior Court Reporter

AN investigating officer suspended police Commissioner Erasmus Makodza, charged with concealing a transaction from a principal, yesterday claimed that an investigating officer from Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), who handled the matter, withheld some documents, which he said were supposed to be handed to the State and his lawyers. 

Com Makodza, through lawyer Tapiwa Makanza, demanded that Eric Chacha furnish him and the State with the documents, which relates to the formation of a company – Jeriel Enterprises (Pvt) Limited – he is believed to be a director along with his ex-lover Maonei Chapfudza. 

He said this while objecting to the tendering of bank statements by the State chronicling how Com Makodza transacted through Jeriel Enterprises.

The State led by Mrs Tendai Shonhai and Mr Tafara Chirambira wanted to tender the documents before regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa to show that Com Makodza had interests in Chapfudza’s company where he was a co-director. 

In his objection, Mr Makanza told the court that Chacha, armed with a warrant of search and seizure, obtained account opening forms, bank statements for the same account from January 1, 2020 to date and certified copies of CR14 submitted to the bank. 

Chacha is alleged to have obtained a certified affidavit statement confirming that all the above-mentioned documents were authentic. 

“When you obtained the bank statements, you were given account opening forms and the CR14. Those documents should be tendered along with the bank statements,” said Mr Makanza. Mr Chirambira, in response, told the court that documents that Com Makodza wanted to be tendered along with the bank statements were irrelevant in building the State’s case hence no need to use them in court. 

He said the State cannot be forced to produce in court documents that are not relevant to their case.