US Warns Mnangagwa On Militarisation Of State Institutions 

US Warns Mnangagwa On Militarisation Of State Institutions 

Source: US Warns Mnangagwa On Militarisation Of State Institutions | ZimEye

Terrence Mawawa | The United States of America has expressed concern at the militarisation of State institutions by the Emmerson Mnangagwa led government.

In a hard hitting statement yesterday, the Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State For Africa, Stephanie Sullivan, said the USA Government was waiting for Mnangagwa to walk the talk as he promised in his inauguration speech.

Sullivan made the remarks during her presentation on the future of Zimbabwe to the USA Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Sullivan implored the Zimbabwean Government to instruct soldiers to return to the barracks as a matter of urgency.

She said the USA Government would continue to monitor and assess the situation in Zimbabwe with the hope that democratic reforms would be implemented.

“If President Mnangagwa is sincere about improving diplomatic relations then he must implement genuine reforms first.

He(Mnangagwa) has to act on corruption and he has to make sure that perpetrators of acts of violence are prosecuted regardless of their political affiliation,” said Sullivan.

“We also expect Mnangagwa’ s government to embark on a sincere electoral reform process as this will enable the people of Zimbabwe to elect a leader of their choice,” said Sullivan.