Vendors, forex dealers, touts hold indaba

Source: Vendors, forex dealers, touts hold indaba – DailyNews Live

Blessings Mashaya      30 October 2017

HARARE – The country’s informal sector is meeting in Harare tomorrow to
discuss their grievances and to map a way forward after the government
moved to outlaw their businesses.

Navuz president Sten Zvorwadza said vendors, forex dealers and touts were
attending the indaba at the Anglican Cathedral in the CBD.

He said they cannot fold their hands while the government is destroying
the only functioning sector in this economy.

“We are the pillars of this economy, so our worry is that the government
now wants the country to totally collapse and we are not going to allow

“All these people who are in the streets want to feed their families.

“There are no jobs so this is the only option left.

“We are expecting many people to attend Tuesday’s event as we want to map
our way forward.

“We want to tell the president that we also want our families to live well
like what Robert Junior and Chatunga are doing.

“We also want to buy expensive cars and rings, so Mr President, vending
and touting is the only way for us to achieve what we want.

“The government must understand that we are not a threat to the economy
but we are the ones who are driving this economy.”

Zvorwadza said they have informed the police about their meeting.

“We notified the police and according to the law of the land, we expect
the law enforcement agents to protect us on the day and if they fail, we
are going to protect ourselves as citizens against any form of violence,”
he said.