We are in solidarity with army

We are in solidarity with army

Source: We are in solidarity with army | The Financial Gazette November 23, 2017

Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander, Constantino Chiwenga

Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander, Constantino Chiwenga

WE, the general council of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) wish to acknowledge the definitive push by the heroes of our time, the war veterans and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) led by General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga.

On behalf of the workers of Zimbabwe, we wish to express our gratitude for the bravery and decisive move taken by the army to liberate citizens from captivity and despicable oppression.

In this regard, we warn anyone who thinks that they can reverse this history by threatening our defence forces that, apart from its unparalleled strength in Africa, we will stand in solidarity with the ZDF to defend our nation from any intrusion. We, however, welcome regional and international assistance based on this demonstrated irreversible desire by Zimbabweans for change.

As workers of Zimbabwe under the ZCTU, we buttress the voices of the pioneer trade unionists who fought for the prosperity of workers and all citizens which could only be achieved through the liberation of our country from oppressive, discriminatory and repressive colonila regime. It is the voices of Benjamin Burombo, Charles Kadhali and others, the early trade unionists, and our heroes that continue to inspire us.

These leaders fought day and night for the social, economic and political rights of the workers and citizens under difficult oppressive Rhodesian employers and government.

The ZCTU appreciates the role and heroic sacrifices of these men and women which led to the formation of liberation war movements fronted by trade union veterans Joshua Nkomo, James Chikerema, and others, who yearned and fought for a free Zimbabwe where everyone was meant to be equal, prosperous and free to choose and express their political choices.

Their vision and desires continue to guide and direct us as workers of Zimbabwe.
Political developments in the past few days mark the beginning of the much desired second liberation from the tyrannical and inconsiderate rule by the post-independence leaders who presided over the untold suffering of workers and citizens.

The ZCTU through the able leadership of Gibson Sibanda, Morgan Tsvangirai and others saw the early signs of a dictatorship and fought against a one-party state that would have introduced a monarchy in the early years of of the country’s independence.

They fought against the disasterous Economic Structural Adjustment Programme, corruption, greed and gave early warning signs that the freedom train had derailed and needed to be redirected.
Unfortunately, no-one took heed of the ZCTU which was instead declared an enemy of the state.
The message from workers was clear, that the state had been captured by individuals and corrupt corporate interests.

We now look foward to a future where all Zimbabweans will put aside their petty differences and focus on rebuilding the ruins left after many years of destruction.
ZCTU Information Dept