We deserve who we vote for 

Source: We deserve who we vote for – The Standard June 17, 2018

In exactly 44 days Zimbabweans will be going to the polls to vote for the president, members of parliament and councillors — men and women that we are going to entrust our livelihood with.

It is yet another opportunity to choose people that are going to be responsible for the provision of our basic life needs; people that we hope are going to lift this country out of economic penury and ensure that we have water, food, power, houses, good roads, working health services, good infrastructure, affordable and quality education and all that makes life generally comfortable.

We are collectively responsible as Zimbabweans for the leaders that we choose and we all deserve the government that we get after July 31.

We should, therefore, be wise in the decisions that we make and desist from being made fools by people that want to get into leadership positions for their own selfish ends. The voting process is secret and there is no reason why anyone would feel obliged to vote for someone they do not prefer.

In this time as we trudge towards July 31, we should brace ourselves for possible violence from barbaric political players that believe force delivers the vote, although all politicians have pledged peace and tranquillity in this election.

We should also brace ourselves for the comic tomfoolery from liars that will come with promises that are nothing but dreams; and so should we watch out for that curious generosity that comes with this silly season.

People should know elections are not very far off when your local MP recognises you from across the street. All of a sudden, food is being donated; that road that has been impassable since the last election five years ago is being repaired, and countless promises — falling only short of assuring people eternal life — are coming from every corner.

These are politicians, returning to you after five years of absence; five years of arrogance and impunity; five years of unmitigated hunger in the constituency and five years in which disease and death have haunted constituencies while the MP had his neck slowly disappearing into bulging shoulders and whose belly has since dropped to the knees due to overfeeding and good living.

The onus, therefore, is on the people to vote wisely and bring in people that have their interest at heart. Vote-buyers who have taken people for granted should be taught that people are not fools.

Take their food, money or whatever they bring to entice you, but do not sell your future and that of your children for
a few pieces of silver.
The universe is not rich enough to buy the vote of an honest man!