Youth vote game changer: Tsvangirai

Youth vote game changer: Tsvangirai

Source: Youth vote game changer: Tsvangirai – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 22, 2017

OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has described the youth vote as a possible game changer in the upcoming general elections and urged youths to get out of their slumber and vote in large numbers to change the country’s political landscape.


MDC - T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC – T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

Addressing journalists in Mutare on Sunday following an MDC-T provincial executive meeting, Tsvangirai disclosed that a paltry 5% of the youth population voted in the 2013 harmonised elections where his party lost heavily to President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF.

“The biggest challenge is going to be the youth vote, but youth leader Happymore ‘Bvondo’ Chidziva is doing a fantastic job in ensuring that we mobilise the youths through the ‘Bereka Mwana Tiende initiative’,’’ he said.

“We understand it’s a real tall order. In the last election, only 5% voted and it’s a tall order. We have to ensure that we mobilise the youths and it is their responsibility to participate and decide their future.”

MDC-T Manicaland chairperson David Chimhini also said they were working tirelessly for their party supporters to register and vote next year.

“We are doing every tricky and urge our supporters to register and vote in next year’s elections. That is the first thing we are addressing, our youths are not sleeping, but busy mobilising, then we see what is going to happen,’’ Chimhini said.

Both the opposition MDC Alliance and Zanu PF were battling to control the youth vote with the ruling party having launched countrywide youth interface campaign rallies to drum support for Mugabe and to urge youths to register as voters.


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    Romeo Hondongwa 5 years ago

    Mr Tsvangirai: please let go. Leave the button with Thokhozani Khupe to finish the race. One man can never run a race meant to be run by four people, that is impossible! This is where I fail to understand you Zimbo politicians, you seem to be so obsessed with power despite the limitations. Forget about removing President Mugabe, remove yourself from opposition politics first before people can take you seriously. Removing Zanu is going to be a lifetime process, and I doubt if you really understand. People are fed up, they want a new guy to come up with better ideas and plans to wrestle power from zanu. Looking at it right now, there is no way zanu are going to even allow to be ahead of them by any margin even in the preliminary counting of the votes. The repeat of 2008 will never happen as long as those people are in power. wake up and smell the coffee man. Damn