‘Zacc investigating officer not fit to testify’

Source: ‘Zacc investigating officer not fit to testify’ | The Herald

‘Zacc investigating officer not fit to testify’
Erasmus Makodza

Nyore Madzianike-Senior Court Reporter

SUSPENDED Police Commissioner Erasmus Makodza claimed in court that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission’s investigating officer Eric Chacha, was not fit to testify in his corruption related trial since there was bad blood between the two.

Makodza, who is represented by lawyer Mr Tapiwa Makanza, claimed Chacha was suing him for $15 million in damages at the High Court and his testimony was not truthful. 

He claimed their fall-out started after he turned a cold shoulder on Chacha when he attempted to befriend him sometime in 2020. 

Makodza made the assertions during his on-going trial on allegations of corruptly concealing a transaction from a principal, where Chacha is a State witness. Makodza allegedly failed to declare to his principals that he once had an love affair with Maonei Chakodza, who was offered a space on  police’s piece of land when he was the Officer Commanding Mashonaland East Province. 

He claimed that Chacha and his wife, Constable Fortunate Dube, were claiming $15 million in damages at the High Court saying the matter was at pre-trial conference stage. 

The claim, under case number HC1735/21, arose after Makodza allegedly claimed through media that Chacha’s wife was engaged in suspected corruption activities with Delatfin Investments director Felix Munyaradzi where he would allegedly send money to Cst Dube through EcoCash. 

Chacha acknowledged that they were claiming damages at the High Court but denied having bad blood between him and Makodza. 

Chacha told the court that Makodza forged his bank statements.

“It is true that there were summons. The accused in trying to defeat or obstruct the course of justice attempted on five occasions to engage me. 

“I like the accused, but I hate his habit of forging documents, that is why I sued him in my personal capacity. 

“He forged my bank statements, took pictures of my house and went to publish falsehoods in public media. 

“I don’t hate him, but I was only doing my job,” he said. 

Chacha told the court that Makodza personally benefited from the farming projects that was being undertaken by his ex-lover through their company-Jerial Enterprises. 

“He was getting 90 percent and police 10 percent.  It was crystal clear that accused was owning and being part of the joint venture.  No capital injected by accused into joint venture. According to the joint venture the second part was supposed to provide capital and first was to supply land.”

“Investigations also established that no one went to market with accused. They established that they did not know how much was sold. 

“There was no representative of the police at the market and he transferred two batches of $10 000 to the police,” he said. Chacha told the court that Makodza temporarily removed himself from directorship of Jerial Enterprises, which had Chapfudza as director.

“Accused was officer commanding ZRP Mash East and in charge of all properties owned by ZRP. He acted contrary to his duties as laid out in ZRP Standing Orders Volume 1, which required him to safeguard properties of police on behalf of Commissioner General,” he said.

Chacha also told the court during cross-examination that he never interviewed Chapfudza, who was offered a joint venture with police and also happen to be Makodza’s ex-lover during investigations.

He said Chapfudza refused to visit his offices when he called her.

Chacha also admitted that Makodza was not part of the committee that offered Chapfudza a joint venture with police.

He, however, insisted that Makodza influenced the whole process.

The matter is expected to continue on October 25 with Chacha continuing giving his evidence.

Harare regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa presided while Mrs Tendai Shonhai appeared for the State.