Zanu PF DCC elections marred by chaos, controversy 

Source: Zanu PF DCC elections marred by chaos, controversy – NewsDay Zimbabwe

CONTROVERSIAL Zanu PF- linked cleric Obadiah Msindo has accused disgruntled former ruling party members of dishing out money to fuel chaos in the ongoing district coordinating committee (DCC) elections as part of a grand strategy to remove President Emmerson Mnangagwa from power in the 2023 elections.

Msindo, who leads the Destiny of Africa Network, raised the accusations yesterday ahead of the launch of his housing projects in Mutare.

“There are some people with hidden agendas to take the party from President Emmerson Mnangagwa using these DCC elections. President Mnangagwa is still around and they are wasting their money and time,” he said.

Zanu PF has always accused members of a vanquished faction, G40 of fanning division in the ruling party.

“There are people who want to form certain kingdoms using the DCC elections and there are people who want to use the DCCs to be in strategic positions and some are former Zanu PF members and external forces who are using the elections to be in strategic positions,” Msindo added.

“Biblically God will punish these people who are using money in these DCC elections to cause chaos, these people are wasting their time, l want to say to them they are wasting their time and money. I want to repeat this.”

He said those who are going to win the DCC elections will have the power to also control provinces.

Zanu PF DCC elections have been marred by controversy, amid allegations of vote, shortage of ballot papers.

Some members boycotted voting after their preferred candidates were removed from the ballot papers. Others could not find their names on the voters’ roll.

In Mutare, the elections spilled into a third day with 14 wards out of 26 conducting election re-runs due to allegations of vote buying, violence, voter manipulation, among others. In some wards, disgruntled party members set fire on voting material.