ZAS bans poultry at this year’s Agric Show

Source: ZAS bans poultry at this year’s Agric Show | The Herald August 14, 2017

Abigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
The Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) has banned showcasing of poultry at this year’s agricultural show to contain the spread of the highly pathogenic Avian influenza that is under obser- vation.

Zimbabwe experienced an outbreak of Aviam flu in May but the situation has since stabilised following the complete depopulation of affected poultry sites in June.

There were some reports last week that there was another outbreak at Lanark Farm in Beatrice and the Department of Livestock and Veterinry Services was working on preventing the infection from spreading.

In an interview with The Herald, ZAS Livestock Section chairperson Mr Chrispen Kadiramwando confirmed the ban.

“It is true we have banned the showcasing of chicken poultry in response to the outbreak of Avian influenza,” he said. “We felt that it is better we cut the movement of chicken to and from the Showgrounds under the prevailing circumstances.

“We have also engaged our principal director in the Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services Dr Ushewokunze-Obatolu and she has supported the move saying it would help prevent the spread of the infection.”

Mr Kadiramwando said the ban had negatively affected them and the farmers as well.

“The ban has affected this year’s agricultural show in that in the poultry section that is where we normally have most of our rural farmers coming in their numbers to showcase their products as compared to the number of farmers who bring cattle to the show,” he said.

“The farmers normally get free entry to the show once they have won in the various areas they come from and they were quite excited about it and so by this cancellation they have lost the opportunity, hence it will affect them.

“As ZAS, we also enjoy having them coming to showcase their various breeds of poultry such as the Australorp, Boschveld and Brahma, but unfortunately we will not be having that this time.”


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    What agric show – a scrawny cow, a goat and a donkey and now no huku’s – what a blow. The jongwe is dead and has been since 1980!