Zim man wins R12m SA lotto 

Source: Zim man wins R12m SA lotto – DailyNews Live

Sowetan      5 April 2019

A Zimbabwean man who has been living in South Africa for the last 10 years
on Wednesday won 12 million rand in a national lottery jackpot, Ithuba.

The man who grew up in abject poverty in Zimbabwe decided to try his luck
for a second time after he won nothing at the first attempt.
After winning the lottery, the 34-year-old man said he would renovate his
family home in Zimbabwe, buy himself a house and car, and invest the rest
of the money.

He said: “A few weeks ago, I decided to give lotto a try for the first
time and I won just over R200. I decided to play again. I did not think
much about the numbers, I just randomly selected them.
“I could not believe it when I learnt that I had a winning ticket.

I won R12 million! My parents passed away when I was still very young and
my sister had to step in as a mother figure to my siblings and me. Growing
up in a child-headed home was tough – the poverty just never improved.
When I was in my early 20s, my friend who was already living and working
in Durban suggested that I come to look for work in South Africa to help
ease my circumstances at home. I stayed in Durban for five years and
during that time I worked a lot of different casual and domestic jobs.

“One of the companies I worked for in Durban recognised my hard work and
offered me a permanent job at their head office in Johannesburg. “This
move changed my life. I was able to rent a decent place and was able to
help my family back home to have food on the table every day. I thought
that my life could not get better than that.”