Zimbabwe Begins Paying White Farmers Who Had Land Expropriated

Source: Zimbabwe Begins Paying White Farmers Who Had Land Expropriated – Bloomberg

Zimbabwe’s government began compensating white commercial farmers whose land was expropriated, an agriculture lobby group said.

Twenty-eight farmers received payments of RTGS$55,000 ($8,748) each on Friday, Ben Gilpin, director of the Commercial Farmers Union, said by phone from the capital, Harare. More of them will receive payments tomorrow, he said.

Zimbabwe’s government in 2000 seized farms belonging to mostly white commercial farmers and replaced them with black farmers, saying the move was meant to redress colonial imbalances. The southern African country has budgeted RTGS$53 million ($8.4 million) this year for compensation.

Last month, 737 farmers registered for the compensation, according to the Treasury.


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    Ndebele 3 years ago

    Well done to the CFU-Zanu alliance for now legitimising murder and theft even more than before. $8748 for a farm?? Brilliant. How will they pay Martin Olds, Allan Dunne and David Stephens – or shall we just laugh it all off like Boris Johnson will? Imagine selling a farm for $8748! What are Eddie Cross and ED going to do about the ZAPU properties?

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    Doris 3 years ago

    $80000? For a lifetimes work? Will there be more coming soon? Doubtful.

  • comment-avatar
    Saddened 3 years ago

    RTGS a new way of creating money without printing it

  • comment-avatar
    Skunoz 3 years ago

    And they think zidera will go just like that.Voodoo Economics at work.

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    The payment is “interim relief for distressed elderly farmers” and NOT compensation for their farms. That compensation is still under discussion and will almost certainly NOT be paid by the Zimbabwe government.

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    Dubbozimbo 3 years ago

    Where did they suck that figure from…..it’s a joke. That’s a weeks diesel for the farmer.