Zimbabwe crisis: Reality Check debunks false rumours and fake photos

After reports emerged of the military seizing control in Zimbabwe, social media was full of stories about what was happening during a stunning 24 hours, but not all were accurate.

Robert Mugabe, the country’s leader for more than three decades, was put under house arrest, and he wasn’t the only government figure to be swept up in the military’s action.

The Finance Minister, Ignatius Chombo, had also been detained, a government source told the Reuters news agency.

And it’s been reported that one Zimbabwean MP told al-Jazeera that $10m (£7.5m) had been recovered from Mr Chombo’s house.

This claim of a vast stash of cash in the home a politician in poverty-stricken Zimbabwe sparked anger in some corners of the online press, but it also led to the use of incorrect photos.

While we do not have confirmation of whether the money was found at the home of Mr Chombo, the suitcases displayed in the Zimbabwe Today post definitely weren’t.

That photo was taken after a police raid in Brazil earlier this year, as reported by Bloomberg.