Zimbabwe white farmers: $9bn compensation falls short 

Source: Zimbabwe white farmers: $9bn compensation falls short | Zimbabwe News | Al Jazeera

The government redistributed land to black people in the 1980s to alter the ethnic balance of land ownership.

In Zimbabwe, white farmers who lost everything in a government policy to redistribute land to black people say compensation plans fall far short of what’s needed.

They’re sceptical about ever seeing any money from the cash-strapped government.

Al Jazeera’s As Haru Mutasa reports from Chegutu.


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    victor araujo 3 years ago

    Whites who bought and paid for land in African countries from past governments of the time should get compensated should the land be taken away forcefully under changed and new rulers, usually radicals.
    Sick to know that the taken land also includes the built and paid for dwellings and in some cases the furniture.
    This “culture” has manifested itself in Africa from the early 1950’s right from the so called Belgium Congo, Eritrea, Kenya, Mozambique and many other black countries where there was no practiced racism.
    What seems clear to me is that only after the land is cleared, worked and cultivated it becomes “marked” to be claimed by the “people”.
    That is where it all ends or should I say starts?