‘Snitch’ Tarzan Mandizvidza rewarded, back at ZBC

via allAfrica.com: Zimbabwe: ‘Snitch’ Tarzan Mandizvidza Rewarded, Back At ZBC. 11 May 2015

HE was suspended from the ZBC after being exposed as having taken US$200,000 to buy a house in the posh bits of Harare while continuing to collect housing allowances from the broke public broadcaster even as it failed to pay workers for months.

Now Tarzan Mandizvidza, who was General Manager for TV, News and Current Affairs, at the time the US$2 million housing scandal was exposed, is back at the public broadcaster, rewarded for turning informer on his colleagues.

The then general manager for TV news and current affairs was sent home as part of efforts by the Jonathan Moyo-led information ministry to root out corruption at ZBC as the broadcaster teetered on the brink of collapse.

But Mandizvidza has been allowed to return to work after agreeing to turn squealer and expose how management looted the corporation.

It has also emerged that he will not face the law for his role in the alleged corrupt activities.

appison Muchechetere (former Chief Executive Officer) Allan Chiweshe (former General Radio Services) Elliot Kasu (former General Manager Finance), along with Mandizvidza, were last year suspended from the parastatal on allegations of siphoning at least $7 million from the company.

The four were suspended to pave way for investigations and disciplinary action over the corruption allegations.

As part of the probe, government, through the Ministry of Information, engaged an external auditor who unearthed massive looting of the struggling company’s resources.

The audit showed that the four officials gave themselves hefty salaries and benefits from 2009 to 2013 while refusing to pay workers by claiming there was no money.

Last month the Ministry of Information instituted a lawsuit against the four and demanded that they should payback the looted cash in their individual capacities.

But sources within the ZBC management told NewZimbabwe.com that Mandizvidza had been excused from the suit for volunteering to give information to investigators.

“When investigations were being carried out Mandizvidza leaked information on how Muchechetere and the other three would abuse their powers and siphon the company resources.

“He, according to the Ministry, was very cooperative and instrumental during the investigations and he himself has even volunteered to surrender properties he acquired and accumulated during their looting spree,” said one official.

Asked for comment ZBC spokesperson Gladman Bandama confirmed Mandizvidza’s return but could explain the reasons from his comeback.

“It’s true that he is back but now as the company’s General Manager Productions and Television services. The best people to ask why he was pardoned would be the Ministry of Information”, said Bandama.

Mandizvidza and his management colleagues also bought themselves top of range vehicles during the looting spree.


  • comment-avatar
    grabmore 7 years ago

    If that is the amount of looting going on at a small propaganda radio show – imagine what is going on in finance, agriculture and mining. Shame shame shame

  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 7 years ago

    What is the difference with the RBZ debt Assumption; its all legalized stealing/looting

  • comment-avatar
    Stop It 7 years ago

    So if you are in position in government or parastatal why not steal? After all you get rewarded on top of what you have stolen. The norm in Zimbabwe with a number of examples.

  • comment-avatar
    Expat 7 years ago

    And Zimbabweans wonder why nothing works and we are the laughing stock of those around us!