Back home: What is it that drives nationals to SA?

via Back home: What is it that drives nationals to SA? – Southern Eye 24 April 2015

From an independence attainment perspective, South Africa was the last country to be liberated in Africa.

In other words, South Africa is the last born, in as far as getting independence is concerned.

Logically, one would have expected South Africa to be the most dependent state, politically, economically and other.

What is the magnetism that attracts nationals to South Africa, not only from Africa, but the world at large? The secret is to be found in late former President Nelson Mandela’s vision of a rainbow nation.


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    Mhondoro 7 years ago

    Last to be liberated, and incidentally the longest under white rule. Considering the fact that much of African infrastructure was laid in place under white regimes… Put 2 and 2 together and you might find that it had less to do with Mandela than with the white man.

    But hey… I’m just a blank pragmatist…