Britain to return heroes’ skulls

via Britain to return heroes’ skulls | The Herald August 11, 2015 by Lloyd Gumbo

President Mugabe has castigated Britain for displaying skulls of some of Zimbabwe’s heroes and heroines from the First Chimurenga in their museums as symbols of colonial conquest.

He said the British government had since invited Zimbabwe to repatriate the remains, adding that Government would collect them begrudgingly and bury them at the country’s sacred shrines.

The President reiterated that sacred shrines such as the National Heroes Acre were a preserve of heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the country and were consistently loyal to the liberation cause.

He made the remarks while addressing thousands of Zimbabweans who thronged the National Heroes Acre in Harare yesterday for Heroes Day celebrations.

“Tanzwa kuti misoro yevanhu vedu, vakuru vedu, yanga yakaunganidzwa mumuseum kuBritain. Varikuti tizoitora. Tichaitora tichigunun’una kuti makaidimurireyi? WaMbuya Nehanda hameno kuti tichauwana here pakati pacho? (We are told that skulls of our people, our leaders, are being displayed in a British museum and they are inviting us to repatriate them. We will repatriate them, but with bitterness, questioning the rationale behind decapitating them),” he said.

“The remains of our heroes, sacred to us, which were taken out of the country during the colonial period, have now been identified in the British History Museum.

“The remains, skulls, we strongly believe are the skulls of beheaded heads of Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, Chingaira Makoni, Chinengundu Mashayamombe, Mapondera, Mashonganyika and Chitekedza Chiwashira, among others.

“The First Chimurenga leaders, whose heads were decapitated by the colonial occupying force, were then dispatched to England, to signify British victory over, and subjugation of, the local population. Surely, keeping decapitated heads as war trophies, in this day and age, in a National History Museum, must rank among the highest forms of racist moral decadence, sadism and human insensitivity.”

President Mugabe said once the necessary processes to repatriate the remains were complete, Government would consult with traditional leaders about how to bury them at the sacred shrines in Zimbabwe.

He said he took great exception to some Zimbabweans who denigrated heroes and heroines and the sacred shrines where the gallant fighters were laid to rest.

“The misguided elements, whom we share Zimbabwe with, have the absurdity and fertile imagination to suggest who, in their unsolicited and weird and wayward opinions, should be declared a hero,” said President Mugabe.

“Here and now, such people better be advised to stop entertaining themselves with mirages, that only exist in the minds of the misguided. Let me make it abundantly clear that these sacred shrines are solely for our heroes who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of this country.

“Heroes were, and are, consistently loyal to the liberation cause, have their patriotism, selflessness, courage, determination never questionable, or in any doubt, at any point in time. Heroes do not become heroes after they are dead.”

President Mugabe added: “Hu hero hahumuki munhu afa. Kana urigamba chairo unozviratidza urimupenyu nebasa rako. Vanhu vanozokukudza chete paunezenge wafa. Kwete kuti wanga uchiita chi MDC nekoko uko kana chimwe chibokawo. Kwazvo, kwazvo chiboka chinotumirwa mari nevemhiri kuti vakanganise ndima dzatiri kurima dzevhu rakatorwa nevanhu ridzokere kuvarungu zvekare.

“Varipo varikudaro. Murikuzvinzwa muhurukuro dziri kuitwa ku MDC. Wozoti apa wafa zvonzi aah muiteyi hero! Wei? Nokuti akangoitawo politics chete? Handizvo ba. Ava inyanzvi ka idzi dzatirikukudza nhasi uno.

“They proved to be heroes as they fought, lived for, and died for the liberation of Zimbabwe. They never abandoned battle! They never were rebels. They never were the weak-hearted. They never were selfish, or sell outs, but instead they were abundantly generous with their sacrifice for their country.”


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    Kariba 7 years ago

    What is the “British History Museum”? This is about as silly an article as the Herald has ever published.

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    grabmore 7 years ago

    Eish … you know the 20 year silence from Britain is working when all we can come up with is this desperate cry

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    Don’t be shocked when you all get your 3 month notice letters!!!! You can’t sing loud enough for the dictator and good riddance to you all!!!!!

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    Chandada Bangorepasi 2 years ago

    This is a sad Zimbabwe history of colonial behavioral cruel activities to the the Black people of this country in particular and Afrika in general. We want them back home and the issue is immediate imminent and time sensitive “The Long Time Coming Home Miles Away”. We will receive them with anger, furry and temper tantrums. The British hatred will continue and this will further ignite and inflame the Rebel Commanders and Rebel Fighters to fight British interests wherever they are including their colours that offsprings among us. Britain is an island without resources and thats why they rely on commonwealth to survive. They are the ones who imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in order for the Zimbabwean people to suffer in their country of milk and honey. A revolution is not yet complete until nits finished so finito revolver and victory is certain. Down with Lancaster agreement and down with colonial mentality in our territory. Down with those who killed our first heroes and took their heads all the way to England. We have to fight Britain/England for what they did in first Chindunduma and Chimurenga. Britain was supposed to be taken to the International Court of Justice for what they did and what Smith did in the war of liberation. Victory is certain and here we go…..!