British colonial welfare mentality to Zimbabwe must stop

I thoroughly detest any insinuation by those that come from the West that we in Zimbabwe are a helpless society only in continual need of their largesse and that they have the “solutions” to our problems. That is utter nonsense and we must never accept that narrative because it disempowers us as a society. If we look at their history and how their nations became rich, we shall soon see that without violence,plunder, murder and greed, they would never have been able to rob Africa of its greatness. However that is not my subject matter herein.

Source: British colonial welfare mentality to Zimbabwe must stop – The Zimbabwean 27.07.2016

Zimbabwe has all it needs to be a leading progressive developed democracy in Africa. All we have to do is to continue to work at it until we have ethical leaders who put the country and its people first. ZANU (PF) has failed to do just that and anyone who believes that they can be reformed needs help.

Of course the British have played a decisive part on our history both negative and positive. The most negative one being how they ignored Gukurahundi massacres and actually Knighted Mugabe. The positive being that they created access to education opportunities for many of ours especially during the Ian Smith regime. For the latter, we are grateful.

That having been said, it is clear that the British continue to bungle their approach to Zimbabwe and some of us are concerned of their playing two sides at this juncture, especially when Zimbabwe needs a decisive move by the international community to push for political leadership change while supporting opposition democratic forces.

The British approach of appeasing Mugabe’s regime is wrong and unforgivable. I take note of British Ambassador to Zimbabwe’s statement explaining their position on the unfolding political, social and economic disaster.

However in my view, it appears that they is no firm decision by the British to fight on the right side of history in partnership with the people of Zimbabwe who continue to suffer violence and lack because of Mugabe’s greed for power. They think that ZANU (PF) can reform. That is a joke.

Zimbabwe needs fresh start and can only extricate itself out of this conundrum by purging the old paradigm and bringing a new inclusive and participatory democracy through substantive political and economic reforms. This cannot happen under a dictator or anyone who may replace him from that camp.

Our economy is likely to collapse unless we arrest the decline now, bring in fresh long term capital and begin the long road to economic recovery. Unfortunately those who still believe ZANU (PF) has something to offer are not only delaying the inevitable but are naive. It is clear that this regime has neither capacity nor the probity to manage large sums of money on behalf of the people. Only a new ethical team which puts country first and is accountable first can do so.

As progressive Zimbabweans we are calling for the immediate step down of Mugabe and his replacement by an inclusive citizens’ National Transitional Authority (NTA) whose responsibilities have been clearly articulated by us in the PDP in our economic blue print –HOPE.

There is an opportunity now for the British to redeem themselves and play a more positive and decisive role in helping to build a new democracy in Zimbabwe other than assisting a regime whose demise is inescapable.

I do hope the new foreign secretary Boris Johnson follows through on his thinking on Zimbabwe.

These are certainly not the times to sit by the side-lines and hope for change nor are they times to claim that stability is better than revolutionary change.

Another Zimbabwe is possible!

Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. He is also Secretary for Finance and economic Affairs for PDP. You can contact him  directly on


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    fixit 6 years ago

    “If we look at their history and how their nations became rich, we shall soon see that without violence,plunder, murder and greed, they would never have been able to rob Africa of its greatness.”

    When that plunder stopped in 1980, that greatness soon became all too apparent.

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    C Frizell 6 years ago

    Vince – forget the Brits. Britain (and every other nation) does what it thinks best suits its own interests. It is the same with the Americans, Russians and Chinese. They are all looking out for their own interests, and always have. They may convince you that they care about your interests – but that is just a bluff.

    That is the huge difference between White Africans and Europeans or Americans. White Africans have to live in their countries, the others don’t. Basically, that was the reason for UDI.

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    tonyme 6 years ago

    We should stop looking to Britain for solutions. There were white Rhodesian’s. Born and raised in Zimbabwe. The lived, worked, and produced . They invested in Zimbabwe. That was their home. They knew nothing else. Because of hatred and bigotry, they were kicked out and Zimbabwean ministers took all the wealth and left all other Zimbabweans with empty stomachs. Now their bows are empty, they want help from England. That is bologna. What not the Chinese and look East policy.? Seems like we are our own enemies. We should not be looking at Britain. They have been pouring money into Zimbabwe since ,1980. Itd about time we take care of ourselves. We should be independent, but we have nothing to chow for it. Chinese .Africans, Americans and Brush all look for themselves. Don’t forget that.

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    IAN SMITH 6 years ago

    Mugabe’s return to colonial rule was the only option. The economy collapsed with the demise of the Zim dollar.
    Going back to begging the British to cede the economy and begging for permission to use the British pound would be way to obvious a surrender. ( AS SOME ONCE SAID NOT IN 1000 YEARS)

    On 12 April 2009 Begging the USA to use the $US was a camouflage for this reason Zim is now a colony of the USA simply put the USA can at any time shut down Zimbabwe as a country despite Mugabe howling around the country side.
    Mugabe knows loose lips sink ships so there will be no regime change since it has all ready happened he is a stooge with no direction or even a plan, clearly the $US rules Zimbabwe. All Zimbos like it no question.

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    Vince Musewe, for goodness sake man take your frikkin blindfold off and see the situation as it really is! Take you fingers out your ears and listen to some sense! Why should any country put their hand out to Zimbabwe? In the light of all the other failed African countries the world considered it a brilliant idea to give this “Bread Basket of Africa” to the same ethnic group that have ruined every other country to the North of us. You all were the people who voted your moronic Mugabe into power with the blessing of Margaret Thatcher, Jolly old Lord Soames and good ole prince Chuck!! Now you are carrying on about them like it is all their fault!! Look at Zambia?? An African junk heap until 15 white commercial farmers were given farms and turned agriculture around there and now they are exporting to Zimbuggerup! Look pal it took whites to turn them around and it will take whites to turn Zimbabwe around and my advice is for you to give the country back to the whites and they will have it up and running in a heart beat and in 5 years down the road we will give it back to you to screw up again. Do we have a deal? The problem is that you have the answer to recovery right in front of you but you dare not step in that direction and be humble enough to admit your mistakes. There I have said it and now tear me to pieces! But first look up Am-Ren and see what the problem really is.