Jonathan Moyo mocks ‘Ngwena’

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Jonathan Moyo mocks ‘Ngwena’ 02 January 2016

ZANU-PF politburo member and higher education minister, Jonathan Moyo has said President Robert Mugabe was the only crocodile he knows as he mocked Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa according to a website called
Mnangagwa is known as Ngwena (crocodile).In a terse on his official twitter account, Moyo who is holidaying in Kenya wrote :  “There’s only one unpretentious crocodile: Gushungo. The rest are imposters infesting the rivers”.

Today he posted a pictures ‘on top’ of a crocodile and simple said ‘crocbusting!’.

Mnangagwa is seen as heir apparent to Presidency while Moyo has apparently ganged up with a group of adventurous young Turks commonly referred to as Generation 40 to torpedo his ascendancy.

Since discovering his love for social media few months back, Moyo has delighted in excoriating ambitious party rivals while eulogising Mugabe’s wife, Grace.



  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 5 years ago

    The useless ass-licking Professor, has no leadership skills to dine on, but requires to be led himself.

  • comment-avatar
    Kevin 5 years ago

    This useless thief couldn’t even go to Kenya without a diplomatic passport as he is wanted for fraud, after defrauding the Ford Foundation of grant money. He is a thief thrice over twice for stealing grant monies and once for all the oxygen he steals.

  • comment-avatar
    Desola 5 years ago

    yes, this nauseating, womaniser of note and power hungry pseudo professor is at it as usual. Holidaying in Kenya whilst his civil servants cant put food on the table. the tragedy that greed breeds. taking pot shots at others is his speciality without realising that when you point a finger at someone four are pointing at you. His day of reckoning and enjoying the gravy train surely will come, come hell or high water.

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    Wezhira wezhara 5 years ago

    Nxa. Kamusoro bhemba kunyepera kufunda kari kachipfukuto. Ngwena chaiyo uchaivona ichipinda and we will extradite you to Kenya to face fraud charges for stealing Ford foundation,s money. Even muno tichakutonga neG40 yako makaba and will rot in jail, especially Kasukuwere nevamwe vanongo vhura muromo pasina zvino zivikanwa.