Charamba: Bob attack on Chinamasa spot on

via Charamba: Bob attack on Chinamasa spot on – NewZimbabwe 19 April 2015 by Nkosana Dlamini

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba, has defended his boss’ public humiliation of finance minister Patrick Chinamasa over the latter’s unilateral scrapping of bonuses for public servants.

In an Independence Day speech in Harare on Saturday, President Mugabe rebuked his top aide for overlooking cabinet by suspending bonus payments for 2015 and 2016.

“The presidency was never, never consulted on the matter; we were never consulted-the three of us, that is myself and the vice presidents,” said Mugabe.

“We say that is disgusting to us and it will never, never be implemented at all. So, let the civil servants not be downhearted. That will not happen.”

Mugabe’s public rants against a minister who has toiled to keep the government labour force at work elicited strong criticism from some Zimbabweans who felt Chinamasa was doing well under the current circumstances.

But in an interview with on Sunday, Charamba declared President Mugabe was spot on, insisting Chinamasa erred in making the pronouncements without cabinet approval.

“He is part of a government led by President Mugabe. He is a junior of the President. So when the boss speaks that’s the end of the story. As straight forward as that,” Charamba said.

Ever since becoming finance minister after the July 2013 harmonised elections, Chinamasa has shifted pay dates for government workers, a clear signal state coffers were depleted.

The Exchequer chief is on record saying the national purse continued to shrink.

This follows the continued closure of companies which are traditionally government’s cash cow through various forms of tax.

The salaries of public workers chew more than 80 percent of the national budget, leaving the country with little to spend on other social responsibilities.

In his response, Charamba dismissed arguments Chinamasa was justified in suspending the thirteenth cheque after government has routinely struggled to pay basic monthly salaries.

“What we begin to ask is, are the entitlements there?” Charamba said.

“Money will always be found chinotanga marights ema employees. Why are you not telling the government to slow on constitutional fulfilments because the money is not there or by-elections because the money is not there?”Rights are never waived on the basis on an economic argument.”

Ironically Charamba was himself present at the press conference where Chinamasa announced the decision to stall civil servants’ bonuses. Responding to that, Charamba said, “Remember l was also part of the line up that made that announcement. So we are all duly corrected by His Excellency.”


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    mugabe’s style of governance is such that it is wiser for ministers to do nothing that to try to do something.
    if you do nothing, mugabe will leave you alone. look at sekeramayi — silent sydney – never said a word in 35 years and still going strong.
    but try to do something, and run the risk that mugabe won’t like it. poor chinamasa.
    with mugabe, its one king and 15 pawns. no other decision makers allowed.

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    Hey, Charamba!

    ROFL – what a banana republic – with so-called president who thinks you can get bananas without growing them.

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    this is a sign, finally Zimbabwean are standing against evils of government operations under Mugabe. I prayed for this times to near.