‘Chiyangwa not Mugabe relative’

via ‘Chiyangwa not Mugabe relative’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 18, 2015

President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, yesterday sensationally claimed that businessman Phillip Chiyangwa is not related to the veteran ruler as widely believed.

According to Zhuwao, Chiyangwa and Mugabe only share the same totem, Gushungo.

Chiyangwa, a businessman who openly flaunts his wealth, has long been rumoured to be a cousin to the Mugabe family.

But Zhuwao, in his weekly column in the State-controlled The Sunday Mail newspaper, blasted Chiyangwa for his recent video where he is seen evading a police roadblock.

Chiyangwa also says he has hosted Mugabe and his children at his Harare mansion. In a scathing response, Zhuwao claimed the Zanu PF politician was not Mugabe’s relative.

“Any politician who interferes with police operations will be guilty of undermining an instruction from the Head of State and Government,” Zhuwao wrote.
“It would be remiss of me to fail to comment on an infantile video that has been circulating on social media this week on the very same issue of the relationship between the police and some of our politicians.

“This story was picked up by international media houses and splashed worldwide under the headline Mugabe cousin ignores police roadblocks.

“The video has a person referred to as Mr Chiyangwa. The person looks and sounds like Phillip Chiyangwa, driving a Rolls Royce that looks like Phillip Chiyangwa’s, and guides the foreign white interviewer through a house that looks like Phillip Chiyangwa’s.”

He said the video was not befitting of someone of Chiyangwa’s stature.

“I have two major problems with that video,” he said. “Firstly, the video shows the driver ignoring an instruction by a police officer to stop at a roadblock.
“That is anarchical and must never be done by any person, let alone a senior leader at the level of the Central Committee.

“The second issue is that Phillip Chiyangwa has been described as President Mugabe’s cousin.

“By virtue of that close association, the purported actions of Phillip Chiyangwa in that video are tarnishing the image of the President of Zimbabwe and chairman of Sadc and the AU.

“Phillip Chiyangwa is not President Mugabe’s cousin; they share the same totemic identity.

“Those of us who are truly related to President Mugabe know that we have a duty and obligation to the nation to protect the image and integrity of the Head of State and Government.”

Contacted for comment last night, Chiyangwa said he did not want to stoop low by responding to Zhuwao.
“First and foremost, to Zhuwao, mediocrity has become his new standards of excellence,” he said. “I am not mediocre. I can’t comment on nothing. I don’t want to comment about my relations with the President.

“I will not reduce myself and go on and on about this.”

He could not be drawn to comment on the authenticity of the video.



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    gwirikwiti 7 years ago

    Just like the president is tarnishing the image of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe, though populist failure bound policies. Ndezveikoko

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    “First and foremost, to Zhuwao, mediocrity has become his new standards of excellence,” Chiyangwa said.

    Whilst Chiyangwa is a hoodlum, just like most zanu pf officials & Gushuno-lites like Zhuwao, I totally agree with his observation regarding Patrick Zhuwao.

    The young man decided to waffle & rumble about Philip not being related to Robert, when all & sundry know that they are. Is Zhuwao telling us kuti if Chidziva & Bepere are brothers then their children are not related. Is that not hogwash?

    But the main issue was why did his uncle (Robert) worked so hard over the last 35 years to ensure that a chosen clique (of course his clan members, zanu pf officials, his in-laws, etc) are above the law? If Mugabe had not subverted the natural laws of justice Chiyangwa, or anyone else for that matter, would simply be arrested any unlawful deeds.

    So the problem is Robert – police, judiciary, co managers, etc – are justifiably afraid to do their job properly as well as they know that doing it properly may impact negatively on someone with links to Robert Mugabe. We know that even High court judges have been fired or haunted until they resign simple for doing their jobs properly – only to antagonize Robert.

    So the problem is Robert, its not their relationship to Philip, presidents are humans so they also have relatives. That’s not an issue. The issue is how the individual handles there position & Mugabe handled it corruptly. Finish & klaa!

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    Yayano 7 years ago

    Mugabe has allowed his relatives and clan to use his name to advance their causes. What they can do is unlimited including killing other people, evading police charges, corrupt deals etc.
    In this case Chiyangwa is simply doing what Mugabe’s people do, that is do whatever they want knowing that they are untouchable.
    This has also meant that nephews like Leo have decided to use the Mugabe surname because of the clout it carries, it’s a key to all corruption they need.
    This is abuse of the highest order. Even Zhuwao does the same thing and he knows that.

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      Zuwarabuda Nyamhute 7 years ago

      Dear Mr (not so sure if a ZANU PF person deserves this title) people who share the same totem are relatives (even if they don’t know each other). Period.

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    ananian 7 years ago

    Zhuwao is an illiterate un clutured noise and ignoramous of highest order. No wonder why when Mugabe wants to finish the entire people of Zimbabwe with starvation and corruption, murder torture. We are not his relatives. The fact that we are zimbabweans we have relationship. Black skin is some relationship african is another relationship. Being neighbours is another form of relationship. Being a human being is another form of it. Sharing same totem is even a closer relationship sharing parents is perhaps the closest of all. Zhuwao you are so stupty

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    Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

    Tarnishing the image of the president? Really?

    If there is anybody who tarnishes that image its Robert Mugabe himself. The problem for me is that through his deeds and misdeeds he has tarnished the image of Zimbabwe itself.

    He is the one who goes around insulting everyone left, right and centre who crosses his path with such un-statesman language even street gangs will not use it.

    He is the one who sanctions the killing of his opponents instead of engaging them in a fair contest.

    He is the one who has allowed corruption to flourish at all levels of his government such that people have to pay money even to get services that they are entitled to.

    He is the one who has presided over the deterioration of health services to such an extent that people now die of simple illnesses and yet he himself and his family jump on the plane for overseas medical attention as soon as possible on the feeling of an itch on their back or a tingle in their eye.

    He is the one who endorses the disappearance of ordinary activists like Dzamara because they dared protest against his misrule.

    He is the one who insists on being president at the ripe old age of 91 when he should be busy looking after himself and not the country.

    I could go on but the point is no one other than Robert Mugabe himself tarnishes the image of the president more than anybody else if ever there is anything else left to tarnish. The image is trash.