‘Churches must condemn injustices in Zim’

via ‘Churches must condemn injustices in Zim’ – Southern Eye 6 September 2015 by Mthandazo Nyoni

THE Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) has accused local clerics of failing to speak out against injustices taking place in their own backyard and “barking against xenophobic attacks in South Africa”.

In its latest report on peace, healing and reconciliation, ZCA said church leaders were doing a lot of disservice to the country by keeping mum on injustices perpetrated by government and State security agents.

The religious group cited the churches’ deafening silence on the alleged abduction of journalist-cum-rights activist Itai Dzamara six months ago, as shocking.

The report, reflecting on the workshop held in Harare recently, revealed that the reason why some church leaders were not keen to confront government was because they were compromised.

Bishop Ancelmo Magaya, who attended the workshop alongside 31 other clerics, described some church leaders as cowards.

“They know that they should rise up and speak out against the injustices taking place in the country, but they rather bark against xenophobic attacks in South Africa instead of making noise at the abductions taking place closer at home, for example Dzamara’s abduction,” Magaya was quoted as saying.

“If the church was in the right position, change will be achieved.”

Some participants observed that the church was divided, hence its failure to speak with one voice.

They resolved that the church needed to identify the best approach to engage the government over injustices inflicted on people because attacking it would make it defensive.

“As the church we cannot afford to wait until the commission is launched before we begin to put into practice the principles of justice, healing and reconciliation. Peace-building is an urgent matter but the church is failing to grasp the present moment of opportunity,” read part of the report.