Comment: Let Magaya have his day in court

The recent arrest of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader Walter Magaya over allegations of raping a 25-year-old woman in July last year has indeed stirred a hornet’s nest.

Source: Comment: Let Magaya have his day in court – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 23, 2016

NewsDay comment

While at the moment a flurry of theories are flying around, from claims that his arrest had something to do with the ambitious housing project he launched recently, through his prophecy on bloodshed in Zimbabwe and claims that he is indeed an abuser of women, when the court process is still on, it is important to state that the truth will always come out.

Whether, as Magaya alleges, that there are some crooked politicians out to get him or not, there are only two options — either he will be vindicated or he will be condemned.

However, for the moment it is a matter for the courts to decide. If the court determines that, indeed, he committed the alleged offence, then justice must take its course because there has been a worrisome trend of “men of God” abusing women under the guise of “ministering” to them.

Of late, there have been several reports in which Magaya claimed to have been crucified by people seeking to extort money from him. We are aware that Magaya has a huge following locally and outside Zimbabwe, and that barring anything else his followers believe he is infallible. But, Magaya is also human and a mortal man who also succumbs to anxieties of the flesh — right or wrong.

We, therefore, warn Magaya to remain mum if indeed he is innocent and then tell his story when the court grants him the opportunity, which will definitely happen in the not-too-distant future.

Otherwise his Press commentaries on the matter speak to someone who has something to hide. One wonders why Magaya reacts as though he will not get his day in court.

If, indeed, top politicians and government officials are plotting to silence him through “trumped-up” charges, as Magaya claims, obviously the allegations will not stick in a court of law.

It is quite curious that this case comes soon after Magaya launched his ambitious housing projects in Bulawayo and Harare in the company of some top Zanu PF politicians and government officials including Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko.

It is our hope that this is not a case of petty jealousies and rivalries that would end up costing the taxpayer in funding the trial.

Understandably, individuals in government who have failed to ensure that voters access the services they promised during their election campaigns can hit below the belt in the face of any threat of exposure.

We, however, warn not only Magaya, but all so-called “men of the cloth” to avoid partisan politics and keep focused on ministering to the poor people who are bearing the brunt of corruption, poor governance, and social and economic malaise under the Zanu PF regime, whom the same Magaya and his colleagues in the church do business with.


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    Surely Magaya’s statements & behave regarding his purported unholy shenanigans smacks of someone who has a lot to hide. Of course, this is assuming what we read in the media & see by way of videos is true. If what we see is indeed true, then this can only be some kind of a replay of the recently concluded and infamous Munyaradzi Kereke debacle.

    In some video, we clearly see the “man of god”, Magaya, childishly patronizing, and appealing to, President Mugabe, to save him. Suffice to say, in this “moment of madness” if one may call it that, the “revered man of god” forgot to call upon his god to save him and rather chose to appeal to a frail 92 yr old mere mortal to do what his god should actually do.

    if that does not speak volumes, then I wonder what does.

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      Joe Cool 6 years ago

      Zimbabwe is polluted with fake prophets, whom Mugabe relies upon to support him in time of need (like the war vets). Magaya can trade his indiscretion for votes – far safer than calling upon the gods for salvation. The prostitutes and whores of the world are not confined to Sodom and Gomorrah.

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    Expensive Manenji 6 years ago

    Hey please leave this man of God alone,To be a prophet you dont need to go for a degree,its a gift from God.Everyone who is against this man of God , Prophet W .Magaya is in Satanism,Let this man of God save the world that is tormented with the evil spirits,all this accusations,it is becouse of Satanism devil is a layer.