Defiant Bhasikiti takes on Zanu PF

via Defiant Bhasikiti takes on Zanu PF – Southern Eye 2 July 2015

OUSTED Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti has denied claims that Zanu PF’s provincial structures passed a vote-of-no-confidence on him.

The former minister said the lower structures had no constitutional mandate to boot out a politburo member like him.

Bhasikiti is challenging his expulsion from Zanu PF over allegations of causing factionalism in the party and working with former Vice-President Joice Mujuru in plotting President Robert Mugabe’s ouster.

Mugabe, who is set to proclaim a by-election in Bhasikiti’s Mwenezi constituency, was provisionally stopped by the Constitutional Court which ruled that the former minister’s challenge in the High Court must be completed first.

Mugabe is cited as the first respondent while Zanu PF is cited as the second respondent in the application.

Responding to Zanu PF’s claims that he was fired by a vote of no-confidence, said Bhasikiti said no such vote was ever passed against him.

“I want to state that I have never had a vote of no confidence passed against me by any structure,” he said.

“Besides, I was a member of the politburo and central committee and not a member of a lower structure.

“Only persons in lower structures can have votes-of-no-confidence passed against the same.

“It is not enough for the respondents to make a bald statement that a vote-of-no-confidence was passed against me, when, where and how and by whom and by what power?

“I challenge the respondents who are duty bound to provide proof of the said vote-of-no-confidence,” Bhasikiti, who is represented by Tendai Biti.

“A member of the politburo cannot have a vote-of-no-confidence passed by any lower structure.

“Besides, in any event, any contractual constitution must comply with the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“A vote-of-no-confidence is clearly inconsistent with the Constitution of Zimbabwe.”

Bhasikiti said he was still by the time of going to the congress a politburo member.

He claimed his rights had been violated when he was fired without being given the chance to defend himself.

He said he had not received a letter from the party about his dismissal and the reasons for the action.

The former minister said he did not take his matter back to Mugabe as he chairs the politburo and central committee that dismissed him fearing he would not get a fair trial, hence the decision to approach the courts.

“The respondents’ position shows beyond reasonable doubt why the Constitution exists to protect individuals like myself,” Bhasikiti said.
“The respondents literally proceeded to give a dog a bad name and then hung it.

“Due process requires that any allegation made against an individual must be tried and treated by an impartial adjudicating forum.

“The attitude reflected by the respondents here amplifies once again, how pointless it will be to revert to any internal remedies,” Bhasikiti added.