Diasporans endorse President for 2018 polls

Source: Diasporans endorse President for 2018 polls | The Herald December 3, 2016

Political Editor
Zanu-pf’s largest external district, zanu-pf United Kingdom and Europe, has endorsed President Mugabe as the party’s sole candidate for the 2018 presidential elections.

The district, which is seeking to be recognised as the revolutionary party’s 11th province, for the first time called on the party to allocate non-constituency parliamentary seats to the Diaspora.

At a meeting held in Dunstable, UK, to pass resolutions ahead of the forthcoming zanu-pf 16th Annual People’s Conference to be held in Masvingo, the Diaspora structure dissociated itself from factionalism.

“Reaffirming confidence in the visionary leadership of the First Secretary and President of the party, therefore it is resolved that zanu-pf-UK /Europe chapter resolves that the President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the party’s candidate for the presidential elections scheduled in 2018,” read part of the resolutions.

zanu-pf UK and Europe noted that factionalism was “destructive and divisive” and stressed the need to remain united under the leadership that emerged out of the 6th People’s Congress

“Therefore, it is resolved that zanu-pf-UK & Europe Chapter be not aligned to any faction of the party (real or imagined) and stands behind the President and the tenets of the constitution of the party,” said the resolution.

The district undertook that war veterans “be recognised as the soul of zanu-pf and the country”.

The district said it was deeply disturbed by the damage done to the image of the party and country by graft, and deplored the “lip-service” paid to the fight against corruption and called on Government to show sincerity and genuine commitment in the fight against corruption

The district said zanu-pf could win massive support in the Diaspora.

“It is therefore resolved that some of the non-constituency MP slots be allocated to Diasporans who live outside Zimbabwe in order not only to represent the view of this constituency but also to enhance the international perspective in debating and legislation,” read the resolutions.

The 16th Annual People’s Conference takes place in the ancient city of Masvingo from December 13-17 and already provinces have affirmed support for President Mugabe as the ruling party’s candidate for 2018 elections.

The party’s structures have also rallied behind President Mugabe as the sole centre of power, a principle that recently came under attack from a dubious resolution from Mashonaland Central Province seeking to strip the First Secretary’s power to appoint his deputies.


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    There are lies, there are blatent lies and worst of all the herald.

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      Diasporan 5 years ago

      Too right Andy, the propaganda machine is going into overdrive. How can anyone believe the ZANU PF mouthpiece.
      Even if it’s true what are ZANU PF supporters doing in exile, if they think their government & party are doing a great job, they should all be forced to return?

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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    Just how misleading can the Herald’s headlines get? “Diasporans endorse President for 2018 polls” !

    ZANU -PF UK and Europe is a joke among Zimbabwean exiles in the UK. From their so-called Chairman Nick Mangwana, to their Secretary for Information and Propaganda Itai Choto and its other leadership self-servers. They are only involved to make money for themselves by being praise singers for ZANU PF at home. In a normal society, they would be the confidence tricksters on the street corner selling drugs or tax free cigarettes…or even dirty pictures.

    Only such a group of people would constantly claim that the UK is working to destroy Zimbabwe and ZANU PF, while at the same living a good and danger free life in the very same UK? If the British were as bad as they want to claim, would they not be on the first plane out of Heathrow, or if ZANU PF’s favourite method of people disposal was used, suffer a fatal vehicle accident at the nearest busy road junction.

    However, they did have some sort of a meeting at the Holiday Inn in Dunstable on Saturday the 29 November 2016. Dunstable is about 30 miles North of London in Bedfordshire. The meeting’s venue was only announced the day before the meeting. The organisers seemed very pleased to use this their very poor organisational ability for the poor attendance of about 27 people. And most of these were Zimbabwean exiles who are known to be strongly opposed to their stated aim of trying to get support for Mugabe and ZANU PF in the UK and Europe.
    At the meeting, there was discussion about the “destructive” and serious factionalism now going on within ZANU PF in Zimbabwe. They claimed that they were against this situation, while at the same time hinting that the Mnangagwa faction should be the one to take over from Mugabe.

    The meeting then went on to recognise the “Veterans” as the “soul of ZANU-PF and Zimbabwe”. Speakers then claimed that ZANU -PF “could win massive support in the Diaspora”. Nothing was said as to why this support has as yet not been won! By way of an explanation the meeting was told that “Diasporans” were people that lived outside Zimbabwe. Now that is a clever thought. Where else could they live?

    Finally, the committee “reaffirmed confidence in the visionary leadership of the First Secretary and President of the party and their candidate for the Presidential election in 2018”.

    Now all true Zimbabweans can relax knowing that ZANU PF’s interests in the UK and Europe are being watched over by a sorry group of “no hopers”, who are just trying to make ends meet by clinging to Mugabe’s shirt tail.

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    Runyararo 5 years ago

    What a joke! Speak for yourselves you bunch of losers and beneficiaries of the very corruption you are now condemning. Makadya izvozvo. Don’t include me in the Diasporans who endorse Mugabe’s leadership. We’re here because of the exclusive economic and political policies of ZANU PF so how on earth can we support our oppressor/s? Go home and vote in person for Mugabe and not hide in the comforts of the West or British who are scapegoats in all that has gone wrong with Zimbabwe. # Taneta, # Hatichada chihurumende chematsotsi, mbava nemhondi!!

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    Nyoni 5 years ago

    WHO THE HELL IS ZANUPF TO OUR PEOPLE OVERSEAS. They know who has caused our suffering and that is no one else but ZanuPF.and Bob. Go to hell ZANUPF thugs.

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    Doris 5 years ago

    If they keep saying it, the may believe it. If they “endorse” the President, what the fffffkkkk are they doing in Breetain in the first place. What a bunch of losers.

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    bondnote 5 years ago

    to hell with zanus

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    Simba 5 years ago

    Mugabe and the Herald must be getting desperate printing lies like this. If diasporas supported Zanu, they would not have left the country. Sad and pathetic by Mugabe the dinosaur.

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    Moderator: why are you not posting some of my comments?

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    harper 5 years ago

    That supporters of a rogue state are permitted to hold a public meeting without let or hindrance is an example of real democracy in action.

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    If Zim is that good, Luton Airport is just few km away……………… Hint!

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    mandevu 5 years ago

    this is a joke right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Classic Zanu PF lying

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    Felix Kunakirwa 5 years ago

    The editor of this paper is a fool, why put all disporeans under this unhealthy endorsement. Be specific and say zanu pf supporters abroad endorse the destroyer mugabe. I would think 98% of diasporeans dont like Mugabe and they will definitely not endorse him. They left their motherland because of the poor economy mugabe created. Families broke up in the diaspora , the root cause being mugabe who made them to seek greener pastures out of Zimbabwe.Please mr editor get your editing skills right.

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    I think people should just keep quiet about this and let them believe diaspora support them and then they will let them vote then you will see the results.