Eddie Cross speaks on post-Mugabe era

MDC-T’s secretary for local government, Eddie Cross has hinted at the need for rewriting of several laws and amending the constitution — once in power — “to clean up Zanu PF’s mess”.

Source: Eddie Cross speaks on post-Mugabe era – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 16, 2016


Cross, the Bulawayo South legislator, said defeating Zanu PF alone was not enough cause for celebration, as the ruling party had captured the State and all significant organs of society.

In an opinion piece, Cross said Zanu PF’s “State capture” presented a threat of change to transformation, even if the opposition party won the 2018 polls.

“The real challenge in Zimbabwe today is not to achieve a change of leadership in the form of Mugabe, but how to totally transform the entire country,” he wrote.

“However, since he took power in 1980, he has spent his time and energy on one mission — and it was not the welfare of the people — it was how to take full control of the State and all significant organs of society.”

“So effective has this been that, today, his party and his acolytes control all aspects of life in this beleaguered country. The private sector is completely dominated by the Zanu PF faithful, all State-controlled enterprises and institutions have only Zanu PF people at the helm. The process is rigid and disciplined.”

The Bulawayo South legislator said a huge task awaited the next-government in the post-Mugabe era, that he said is over and “all that remains is when and how”.

“From this brief description of what life in this country has become, you will have some appreciation of just what a task faces us when we finally beat Zanu PF so massively that they cannot retain any semblance of power or influence,” Cross continued.

“We are going to have to deal with rampant universal corruption — both petty and national; we are going to have to completely re-educate our senior civil servants. We are going to have to review every board and committee, every magistrate and judge in our courts of law. We are going to have to rewrite hundreds of acts of legislation and to even amend the national Constitution to establish the rule of law and enforce compliance.”


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    Nyoni 5 years ago

    Very true Eddie, very true. This rascist and corrupt regime once removed has left a very bad legacy that must be dealt with and very swiftly too. The rot must stop as soon as possible. All state institutions etc must be cleaned of bandits first , individuals next. Yes Chikurubi will need to be built much bigger . We can not wait to see that day.

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    Thus correct Hon Eddie Cross. All gvt institutions are headed by zanu-pf loyalists, including the police, army and the CIO,which are supposed to be neutrals.

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    This website practices deep censorship. It refuses to post many of my comments. C’mon you guys, wake up or do you work for ZanuPf?

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    Barry 5 years ago

    He has the cajones to speak the truth. Pity those in the “government” do not.

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    Mafuta 5 years ago

    Not without a spiritual awakening, you’re not. Don’t make it sound like Mugabe invented predatory vampire gov’t. and inculturated it downwards into Zimbabwe through ZANU. He merely called it out from within the hearts and worldviews of the people where it resides. When the spirit of God scrutinizes and transforms the hearts, corruption will go. Chete. No amount of education or party turn-over or electoral slams is going to make a dent in it. Zimbabweans will save Zimbabwe on their knees, regardless of the ballot box. Eddie, you are beginning to sound scary lately.

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    The problem we have in Zimbabwe is gravely misunderstood by many.Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe are only happy when the tide goes in their favour despite who is in power.Noone cares about his neigbour as long as it is okay with him.Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and abroad are not united in a common csuse.Political paties can be formed in large numbers but if we don’t have a uniting figure or party nothing posive can ever happen in Zimbabwe.It is questionable whether those in politics or those starting political parties are doing it for the good of the people.Some may see an easy way of making easy money through sponsorships.These people are living big while the majority langush in poverty.Zimbabweans are too individulistic.They only care for their families and nothing else.