Ex-SA central bank boss sets fund for poor Zimbos

FORMER South African Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni yesterday launched the Zimbabwe Solidarity Movement Fund (ZSM) that will cater for poor Zimbabweans in the country through supporting them with accommodation, food and education.

Source: Ex-SA central bank boss sets fund for poor Zimbos – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 23, 2016


Mboweni said the decision was motivated by the sorry state of Zimbabweans begging on the streets of South Africa. Many Zimbabweans have crossed the borders fleeing from the imploding economy and political violence that has accompanied all general elections since 2000.

“It saddens me every day to see destitute Zimbabweans begging on our street corners. Let like-minded people help,” Mboweni said.

“Let us create a Zimbabwe Solidarity Movement to help our people. I volunteer to co-ordinate a solidarity programme. E-mail: ttmboweni1@gmail.com.”

The former governor immediately set up an account for the fund with some seed capital.

“I will instruct my bank to open a ZSM Fund tomorrow (today) with R10 000 seed amount. All should follow. It is for accommodation, food and education,” Mboweni explained.

Mboweni had not responded to an email sent to him yesterday for comments on the fund.

He pleaded with fellow businesspersons and corporates to join him in showing solidarity with the struggling Zimbabwean immigrants.

“And we turn a blind eye to this? Time for solidarity for helpless Zimbabweans. Please join this humanitarian effort. You are good people! In difficult times, people rely on solidarity. Zimbabweans are desperate. We can help. Corporates who do business in Zimbabwe, all of us,” the ex-governor said.

Mboweni added that South Africans with the means cannot just pass by every day as disabled, the blind, juveniles and destitutes beg for money at the robots. The project funds, according to Mboweni, will be run by reputable South African charity organisations.

“I will, tomorrow (today), request the SA Council of Churches and The Gift of the Givers to manage the funds and Zimbabwean Solidarity Fund project,” he said.

The development was welcomed by many Zimbabweans on social media, including lawyer and academic Alex Magaisa.

“Well done @tito_mboweni for this great show of solidarity. The long-suffering sons and daughters of Zimbabwe appreciate,” tweeted Magaisa.

There are an estimated three million Zimbabwean economic migrants and political refugees who have settled in South Africa following the deepening economic and political crisis in Zimbabwe since 2000.


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    ntaba 6 years ago

    What a great idea and gesture. This shows great imagination, leadership and compassion from Mr. Mboweni – all three of these traits are non existent in Zanu. Mr. Khama is also coming to the party with his definitive statement pointing out the immense problem created by Mugabe and his gravy train riders.