Expelled Mzila Ndlovu fumes, savages Ncube

via Expelled Mzila Ndlovu fumes, savages Ncube – NewZimbabwe 07/02/2016

PROFESSOR Welshman Ncube’s MDC now looks headed for a split, months before its elective congress this year.

This follows the shock ouster of acting secretary general Moses Mzila Ndlovu in Bulawayo on Saturday in a “unanimous” vote of no confidence presided over by the former industry minister.

Mzila Ndlovu, once a close aide to Ncube, was accused of failing to “competently, efficiently and effectively conduct party affairs and generally failed to measure up to the demands of his office which have included complete dereliction of duty”.

However, the former national healing minister thrashed the allegations in a Sunday interview with NewZimbabwe.com.

Instead, he turned the sword on Ncube whom he described as dictatorial, incompetent and too strategically bankrupt to unseat the current Zanu PF led government.

It is alleged Mzila Ndlovu’s ouster, despite all pretentions of due process having been followed, was in fact Ncube’s way of hitting back at party politicians allegedly fronted by Mzila Ndlovu who were angling to unseat him before the party’s congress.

In the interview, Mzila Ndlovu spoke of massive disgruntlement against Ncube’s leadership by the party faithful which has seen the latter seek cover among total strangers to the party he now surrounds himself with.

A petition drafted against Ncube’s continued leadership a few days before also accuses the former legislator of financial impropriety, sexual harassment, arrogance, among a slew of offences.

“For failing to protect the dignity of the family institution when amorous behaviour particularly between people in top leadership positions and vulnerable junior members became the norm in the party,” reads the petition.

“You have at some point when you were still the Secretary General of the party been accused by one former female employee of the party for sexual harassment. This has undoubtedly dented the image of the party.

“In view of all these flaws, it is our concrete conviction that you have dismally failed to lead the MDC party. We know not any success story in the party which can be associated with your tenure of leadership. We also strongly believe that you cannot be corrected.

“It must also be mentioned here that our patience with you was informed by our optimism that one day you could see the need to change. We sadly realise that your unbridled conceit obscures your view of reality in the party. For this reason we say to you this far no further!

“We take this important decision to ask you to step down from the presidency of the MDC party and allow someone else to lead us.

“We sincerely hope you will, in your political wisdom, choose to comply with this demand and that you will accordingly inform the party organs of that decision.”

So mean Ncube is alleged to be that on seeing the petition, he neatly put it back in its original envelop and returned it to the senders.

Following the demands, Ncube is said to have set some spies to monitor the movements of the alleged coup plotters who occasionally boasted to them they knew of the venues they were organising to meet.

Mzila Ndlovu, who ordinarily was supposed to be the one to organise Saturday’s meeting, said he declined to attend what he felt was Ncube’s ambush plot laid to humiliate him in front of everybody.

Mzila Ndlovu said he was now pondering his future after Saturday’s event.

“I cannot be a member of an organisation that has treated me this way after all my contributions to the party. I can’t!” he said.

“I cannot be associated with Welshman. As long as Welshman is still leader, I am not part of them.”

Ndlovu is adamant Ncube should instead have dedicated his capabilities to infiltrate rivals, towards Zanu PF which is responsible for the current problems bedevilling the country.