First Lady expected to grace Byo’s interactive indaba

Source: First Lady expected to grace Byo’s interactive indaba | The Herald May 25, 2016

The stage has been set for the two-day Bulawayo Zim-Asset Conference at which the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe is expected to be the guest of honour.

Fifteen out of the 17 invited ministers had confirmed their attendance by yesterday for the Friday and Saturday event at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair’s Hall 3.

The ministers will explain how the city was and can continue to benefit from the Government’s programmes.

The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Bulawayo Eunice Nomthandazo Moyo said the First Lady, as the mother of the nation, will lead cabinet ministers at the much anticipated conference.

She said people should brace for a lively interaction between ministers and residents.

“Everything has been set up. We’re ready to host the First Lady who is our guest of honour. Of the 17 invited ministers 15 have confirmed their participation.

“Three of the 15 ministers will be represented by their deputy ministers.

“The three Ministers apologised for not attending as they are out of the country,” said Moyo.

She said the invited ministers are expected to bring along officials from their ministries to answer some of the questions.

“This conference will be attended by people from the grassroots so we expect ministers to bring some of their officials who will interact with residents and demystify some of the technical terms,” she said.

Minister Moyo said the conference will run under the theme “Consolidating Bulawayo’s Growth through Zim-Asset.”

“Everything has been organised and we’re ready to host the First Lady,” she said.

About 600 delegates are expected to attend the conference.

Minister Moyo said the conference was organised after it was realised that Bulawayo residents rarely get a platform to engage Government officials.

She said this has deprived residents of first-hand information on Government’s programmes and policies.


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    ntaba 6 years ago

    What a load of rubbish.

    • comment-avatar
      justice 6 years ago

      I’m sure the good residents of Bulawayo will be suitably unimpressed with the wonderful job ZANU PF has been doing in creating a thriving economy there!

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    These are the occasions that the youths should be marching to and requesting answers. If we make it uncomfortable for our ministers to hold these stupuid functions where they host their own and peddle lies to each other without answering to a read citizen then they will start to take us seariously #ThisFlag Hatichatyi Asisafuni

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    Michael 6 years ago

    Heading is all wrong – it should read “First Lady expected to Disgrace Byo’s interactive indaba”

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    First Lady is Mother of the nation??? What utter rubbish. She is the destroyer of the nation!

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    Hey you Mugabes and those clinging on to you. Step down now, get on your knees and beg Almighty God for forgiveness BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Never mind the lives of 12 million people you have ruined because of your devious ways, you WILL ultimately answer to Almighty God. If you don’t change your ways NOW and repent, just remember eternity in hell is a long, long time.