Former Mutare mayor arrested

Former Mutare mayor arrested

Source: Former Mutare mayor arrested – DailyNews Live

Bernard Chiketo      9 March 2017

MUTARE – Former Mutare mayor Brian James was yesterday arrested for
illegal parking.

James was arrested as he arrived at a local hotel for a public hearing by
the Parliament Public Accounts Committee which is receiving oral evidence
on the problems blighting the city.
The former mayor was dragged by the trousers’ belt as he tried to protest
against the arrest.

He was dragged to Mutare Central Police Station after a heated verbal
exchange with the police officer.
He was later released after paying a $10 fine.

James slammed the police officer for “acting irrationally.”
“Young policemen are drunk with power and often don’t use their common
sense. The policeman and I had an altercation and I probably took a wrong
path by confronting him, which then escalated the whole issue.

“I, however, ended up paying half of what he wanted me to pay for the
crime. His intellect was questionable and I actually doubt if he has any
training in traffic law,” James said.
Bulawayo South MDC MP Eddie Cross alerted acting parliamentary audit
committee chairperson Tome Wesley Sansole of the former mayor’s arrest.

“The arrest of the former mayor outside this venue reflects the aggressive
nature of police in collecting fines across the country. Last year, they
raised $87 million through this. This kind of behaviour should not be
condoned,” Cross said.
Sansole also committed to meet the police after the public hearings but
challenged parliamentarians to raise the issue in Parliament.

“It’s totally uncalled for. Perhaps after this hearing, it would be good
to approach the police,” Sansole said.


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    Chatham House 1 year

    This is normal behaviour from the Zimbabwe Bonkers Association alias Zanu.

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    nelson moyo 1 year

    This going on about “bonkers” is quite silly Chatham House – say what you mean and dont talk in riddles please