Fresh farm invasions in Headlands

via Fresh farm invasions in Headlands – The Zimbabwean. 10 September 2015

Four farms were invaded in Headlands this afternoon (9 September 2015).

The following farms were invaded;

• Wakefield Farm (owned by Andrew Dawson)
• Mhandara Farm (occupied by Dakarai Mapuranga the losing Zanu PF primary elections candidate for Headlands constituency)
• Kelvin Farm (owned by Mr. Jack)
• Longfields Farm (owned by renowned cattle breeder N.J. Oosthuizen)
The invasions were allegedly led by officials from the Headlands District Lands Committee. It is reported that the invasions have so far been peaceful but the owners and farm workers are in panic.


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    “Your investments are safe in Zimbabwe” – Robert Mugabe.
    Remarkable disconnect between what mugabe says and reality.
    Zanu PF cry endlessly about lack of investment and sanctions, yet they are not willing to have the “rule of law”.
    Comrades – mukai. The two are closely linked.