Govt preoccupied with sycophantic nothingness

The news that Zanu PF is planning a “thank you” rally today in honour of President Robert Mugabe as he returns from the United Nations (UN) begs the question what is he being thanked for

Source: Govt preoccupied with sycophantic nothingness – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 24, 2016

Comment: NewsDay Editor

Mugabe left the country for Venezuela for the Non-Aligned Movement summit, then proceeded to the UN, where he gave a largely prosaic speech and we wonder what he is being thanked for.

In the past, such rallies have been organised for Mugabe, like when he assumed the rotational African Union chairmanship. While it was really unnecessary, it was understandable why his fanatical supporters thronged the airport to welcome him.

However, this time, we just do not see the reason for this thank you rally; it is a waste of time and resources.

Recently, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo was lamenting the lack of “policy space”, which has crippled government work, but we can only wonder when this government does its work when it’s preoccupied with sycophantic nothingness.

Four short months ago, Zanu PF organised a million-man march in Mugabe’s honour and another such show of power is being organised today, surely then, when will government have policy space, when they spend their time trying to ingratiate themselves with the President instead of doing real work?

Everyday Zimbabweans are reminded that Mugabe was elected for a five-year term that ends in two years’ time, so we do not understand this paranoia and the need for this show of power.

If Mugabe is secure in his job, then he should spend more time fixing the country rather than these airport speeches and elaborate reminders that he won elections.

Mugabe is probably the only leader in the world who regularly gives speeches at the airport when he returns from foreign engagements, and it is quite strange why he sees the need for that.

If Zanu PF is so desperate to show its gratitude for Mugabe, then they have plenty of time to do that at their party headquarters in Harare or at their conference scheduled for later this year.

Right now, what is needed is for Mugabe and his ministers to concentrate on getting the job done, stop seeing shadows and, above all, work on getting Zimbabwe back on track — that is if they are capable of that.

As it is, we would tend to believe that these numerous pointless rallies are nothing but a diversionary tactic and a concession that Mugabe has failed to run the country.

Instead of working to get the country on track, Mugabe would rather shift Zimbabweans’ focus onto something useless and by so doing, his governance record becomes a blur and people do not ask questions about how he has run the country aground.