Govt to boost national herd

Source: Govt to boost national herd | The Herald

Elita Chikwati: Senior Agriculture Reporter

Government plans to boost the national herd by 300 000 beasts next year. Zimbabwe has 5.5 million cattle and the intention is to increase the population to 5.8 million by end of next year.Presenting the 2017 national budget recently, Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa said Government had set aside over $6 million for extension services and veterinary department. It is hoped this will enhance livestock monitoring and disease control.

“Livestock production remains an integral part of agricultural development. Government, in conjunction with development partners, is working to support rebuilding of the national herd, comprising beef cattle and other smaller domestic animals,” he said.

“The support will enhance cross breeding through artificial insemination to improve quality of breeds, availing increased water points, to reduce livestock deaths during the drought and dry times, and irrigation of pastures, especially for A2 and commercial farmers. We will also create market access and linkages, also targeting external markets,” he said.

Government has also reached a decision that the Presidential Inputs Scheme should also include livestock farmers.

The southern parts of the country are predominantly livestock areas.

Farmers in those areas are encouraged to concentrate on livestock production. The farmers will be supported to raise their animals. In the initial stages, the inputs for livestock will include dipping chemicals, vaccines and other animal remedies. A detailed programme will see the support of livestock with supplementary feeding, as well as salt.

Farmers will also be allowed to suggest their priorities. The medium to long term strategies in the livestock sector will include development of water, paddocks and mechanisation that relate to assisting farmers harvest pastures and store as stockfeeds.

Livestock production prospects had for the past years been hampered by consecutive droughts. The recent Elnino induced drought resulted in the loss of thousands of cattle. The situation has remained critical even after the rains.


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    Morty Smith 5 years ago

    Yeah, yeah. Inseminating cattle? This is what I always thought of ZANU

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    Donato Matibili 5 years ago

    everything in the Herald is Govt to do this….hapana chinombonzi govt yazodai. we are in perpetual future tense. matuzvi mhani!

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    It is not about increasing numbers for further desertification of the country comrade! It is about productivity to lower the pressure on the natural grassland. To increase numbers is to think like Mzilakazi or Lobengula. In their day there were about 500 000 people and 500 000 head of cattle. To run 5.8 million head requires a professional business approach not a Zanu looting exercise.

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    Farai 5 years ago

    We already have Grace Mugabe and Shuvai Mahofa. That is plenty of heifers already.