Grace must be stopped

via Grace must be stopped – The Zimbabwean  22 October 2015

EDITOR – I have watched some of Grace Mugabe’s videos addressing Zanu (PF) gatherings, and have concluded that she is one of the most corrupt, if not the most corrupt, First Lady in the world.

Earlier this year I watched Grace Mugabe address a Women’s League meeting, where she told the women that while accompanying her husband on official trips overseas, she had managed to source vehicles for the League.

I thought to myself that if she wanted to assist Zimbabwean women, anything she gets while accompanying her husband on government business should benefit the people in general, not just one political party. After all, she goes on those visits at the expense of the tax payer, so why give only to Zanu (PF) structures?

The other shocking confession she made was when she told a rally in Zvimba that the items she had brought to donate to villagers were items that had been confiscated from vendors and from importers by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. That was revolting to me. It was very cruel for her to buy votes by taking away the goods of innocent citizens trying to scratch an honest  living.

And most recently, she has been dishing out tractors acquired through a loan facility from Brazil. It is still fresh in the minds of Zimbabwean tax payers how they have been made to pay for tractors dished out to Zanu (PF) and MDC-Ncube officials through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s farm mechanisation programme. How do the same tax payers feel knowing too well that they may be forced to pay for these tractors in a few years’ time? Grace Mugabe and her husband, who has publicly said no one can stop her, are shameless indeed.

On one hand they condemn corruption, and speak about one-person one-farm policy, but everyone knows how many farms they have – isn’t that corruption? I was pleased to read on the internet of the intentions of the opposition parties to take Grace to the courts for abuse of the tractors from Brazil, and I encourage the parties to proceed without delay. In my opinion, the Zimra boss should also be taken to task to explain how goods confiscated from citizens ended up in Grace’s hands.

Grace and Mugabe must be stopped at all costs. – KENNEDY KAITANO, Mutare


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    Doris 7 years ago

    I wait with baited breath for the responses to this letter!! Me? Not a chance….if I start responding I won’t be ale to stop.

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    amina 7 years ago

    Mugabe in the early 1980s made every worker in Zimbabwe contribute a payroll deduction of $10, towards construction of Shake Shake, the ZANU PF H/O. Now it seems like the party had lot of members who managed to contribute towards its construction. Gono made headlines with business acumen while as a governor, his children buying cars for boy friends, now every one is suffering due to that mis deed. Some of the tractors bought and given to ZANU PF guys are rotting in villages. The dairy industry of Mugabe and Grace was built from whose resources since we been told the salary of Mugabe yearly since 1980 to present. As a war veteran, as alleged, he went to Mozambique on foot, came back with not even $1000 in his name then, where did he get money to have such state of the art milk processing company. That company must be nationalized until Mugabe account where he got the money to build it. Many such mis appropriation of funds has been going unaccounted for and it seem its cleverness of the ZANU PF guys yet it just stealing with the protection of Mugabe the big thief, thus why even military guys seem so crazy behind him because they are stealing big in his name. Grace is donating good stolen from vendors in the name of Mugabe. Grace is a cousin to Gershom Pasi the ZIMRA boss. By the way Pasi and all the millions, he earns he never was held accountable while ZIMRA perennially fails to hit the revenue target. Any civil servant during Mugabe era from of such influence as under secretary or similar and police inspector or higher should have investments nationalized because these are proceeds of corruption at the expense of us all.

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    Lindy Lou 7 years ago

    Grace is a typical uneducated illiterate B with an itch who once had a “pretty face” which is now so ugly and grooved with hatred and fury.Grace you are one very ugly stupid woman who would be unable to even write your name and address on a examination form unless you had help.Doctor Grace PHD. Don’t make me
    Laugh you moron.Your kids take after you as Mugabe at least has “some “brains although they have been misused.