Gumbo sings a different song

via Gumbo sings a different song 3 December 2014 by Jera

Rugare Gumbo, once responsible for producing Zanu (PF) spin, is now singing a different song. ‘They want to remain leaders forever, at the expense of the suffering majority… Zimbabweans want real issues to be resolved and not for us to remain as prisoners of fear.’ At what point exactly did Gumbo arrive at his Damascene moment? Was this during the rigging of the 2013 election or was it that moment when he left his Zanu (PF) office to begin his lengthy suspension?

On social media, most people sympathise with Joice Mujuru. But it is worth pointing out that Mujuru, Goche, Gumbo et al have been part of the same corrupt, brutal and inept government. Just yesterday, Masvingo resident minister, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti blocked Morgan Tsvangirai from delivering donations to flood victims at Chingwizi. Yet he now appears as sad as a dove with a broken wing.

From a hospital bed, Nicholas Goche – one time CIO boss – now looks a victim. As well as stating ‘the only good white man is a dead white man,’ Jabulani Sibanda intimidated rural voters –‘orientation’ he called it – last year. Now he appears the good guy, victimised by a president seeking to soothe his wife’s ego, after the war vet (real or fake) snubbed her rallies.

We are somehow programmed to identify the protagonists and antagonists of every story. Naturally, most people side with the good guys. Even when two monsters duel – hyena versus lion, crocodile versus alligator – humans automatically tend to place the labels ‘good guy’ and ‘bad guy.’ In some fights, there are just no good guys to be found.


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    Mhofu 6 years ago

    Good article. Whilst I agree that sometimes we classify between good and bad, remember its not how you start that’s most important but how you end. What I am saying is may the “bad guys” now stand and be counted. Maybe history will be kinder to them. In light of this Gumbo for me is fast moving to the bad good guys corner!!!

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    These thugs destroyed our country. Chikurubi for all of them.

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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    I can’t distinguish between the two.

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    this is a very good article.people should not forget what these idiots stood for in 2008 and 2013

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    mapingu 6 years ago

    Well said Jera. One wise and departed soul used to argue that “Bully with a bruised nose is still a bully”.

    I am sure same goes for murders, thieves, rapists, etc. These guys don’t transform into Sanits over night simply because a more ruthless and tougher guy than them has subdued them to the extend of finding themselves being recipients of what they normally dish out to innocent souls.

    So, I am equally flabbergasted when some Zimboz, even in the so-called opposition, seem to be highly sympathetic to those zanu pf hoodlums who happen to be at the receive end of their fellow zanu pf thugs.

    Mashaiwa vekunzwira tsitsi here nhayi vakomana? Tibbvireyi apo!

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    Dale Doré 6 years ago

    Aww… sad as a dove with a broken wing. What a great turn of phrase. Your point is well taken: there are no good guys in the ruling party. Mujuru’s turn now. Manugagwa next. Then Bob and Grace. Can’t wait for the final episode.

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    John Shava 6 years ago

    Why did you not mention Jim Kunaka who collected $5000.00 a day from Mbare People as protection fees.
    Akll these people are criminals…..

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    Msizeni silwelani 6 years ago

    I once posted saying that my people would rather risk the crocodile infested Limpopo river than face Mugabe’s militia and was labeled a coward. Look, Itai and his colleagues has found no support, Jabu, despite coining the bedroom coup and sexually transmitted power, non has come in the open to rally behind him. We hear their children and relatives have flown to Kaap Staad (Cape Towm). We are still posting, no action. This i say not to prove myself right but remind ourselves that we are responsible for our own comfort or misery.

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    taku wataku 6 years ago

    the only good thing we can expect from them if they really want forgiveness and sympathy is true to the record confessions of all the murders and murder instigators even the same the did in their time of crazy zanu days.

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    Dai Ndakaziva 6 years ago

    You are right Msizeni,to summarise it, we are cowards, kunyora tinogona if only we could put the effort to action, that is why tiripatiri nhasi suffering under these people, they take us for granted because they know kuti tiri magwara, tichingoti mwari tibatsirei. God help those who help themselves. Can you imagine marara aya achiitika ku South Africa or Asian countries?