I won’t be silenced: Dzamara

Source: I won’t be silenced: Dzamara – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 20, 2016

PATSON Dzamara, brother of missing activist Itai Dzamara, yesterday said no amount of intimidation or assault will silence him until he gets to the bottom of what happened to his sibling.


Dzamara staged a one-man demonstration at the National Sports Stadium during Independence Day celebrations on Monday, but was quickly whisked away by State security agents who reportedly assaulted him and forced him to drink about four litres of water as punishment for his actions.

He was later admitted at a local hospital and discharged on the same day.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Patson said he was prepared for more torture and vowed to continue demanding the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

“I have and I will continue to use any means, orthodox or unorthodox, to locate the truth regarding what (President Robert) Mugabe’s Zanu PF and/or through State security agents did to my brother Itai,” he said.

“I will not tire and this is just the beginning. Yesterday (Monday), I took it upon myself to confront national leaders at the National Sports Stadium during the Independence Day celebrations.”

Patson added: “I somehow managed to sneak in and gained access to the VIP section where the chiefs, ministers and the Presidency sat. Before I got there, I looked for an empty ice-cream box and a pen. I wrote my message there and just before the closing of the official programme, I stood up with my placard.”

He said after he was taken behind the tents, over 10 men began to torture and assault him using their hands and feet and subsequently forced him to drink over four litres of water.

Patson said at one point, he approached the President’s Office to seek audience with him, but was told his case was not important to get the attention that he sought.

“This can never break my spirit. I knew what I was doing and I had budgeted for such a response to them. I didn’t care much about what would happen to me as long as they got the message and I will not be deterred by this,” he said.

Yesterday, a group of activists chickened out of their planned demonstration at Africa Unity Square to protest against Dzamara’s mistreatment due to the heavy presence of police, who allegedly quickly dispersed them.

Patson’s brother, Itai, has been missing for the past 13 months and is believed to have been abducted by suspected State security agents.


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    Big-up PATSON Dzamara. I wish I had such courage & determination as yours. Unfortunately, while the spirit is more than willing, flesh is weak – to be honest. The best I can do now, is to urge you own and just wish the really God shades light into the minds of the practically courageous ones of you ilk so that eventually your noble endeavours yield our most and long awaited results. Big-up my bro; big-up my countryman.

    I hope zanu pf side-kicks, such as Biti & co. won’t start vomiting their rotten rubbish – admonishing your clearly noble & effective efforts against dictatorship by clownishly demanding immediate results form such courageous actions, as they always do.