I’m a Form 3 dropout: Chimene – NewsDay Zimbabwe

MANICALAND Provincial Affairs minister, Mandiitawei Chimene, has bragged that she has landed a ministerial post despite her being a Form Three dropout.

Source: I’m a Form 3 dropout: Chimene – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 29, 2016


Speaking at the official opening of the Jibilika Dance Festival in Mutare on Friday, Chimene said: “I am here because I knew and pursued what or where I am best at. I went to Zamula for my primary and went to St Josephs for my secondary education up to Form Three, but I am now a Minister of State.”

She, however, could not disclose how she rose up the political ladder ahead of the academically gifted party members, but her critics claim it was through President Robert Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace’s patronage system.

“Don’t condemn yourself. You can be a star from wherever you are. Just know what you are good at and work on it,” she said.

Chimene condemned the abuse of drugs saying it destroyed lives of youth and most abusers of dagger, cocaine and broncleer ended up in prison or mentally deranged. I know you have read in newspapers that I smoke dagga. Well, I am always high on it. Even by the time I wake up, I will be high, but not with the dagga that you guys smoke, mine is in the head,” she said.

Chimene becomes the third top Zanu PF official to reveal their inferior academic qualifications after Kwekwe Central MP Masango Matambanadzo and Hurungwe East legislator Sarah Mahoka, both Grade Two dropouts.


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    So, what does Chimene and all the zanu pf idiots know about governance anyway. Yes, a an idiotic fool will always appoint those of his ilk to any positions. We have a clueless & stupid president who specializes in appointing fool & clowns for ministerial & all other critical public positions.

    Fact is: it’s not what you know Mandi which catapulted you to were you are – but rather your ignorance & stupidity is what Mugabe looks for in his lieutenants. Blind royalty, greedy & stupidity are they key virtues that Mugabe wants in his close associates- and so you are Mandi. Nxaaaaaaa!

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    Maybe she had to do what GRACE did to become FIRST LADY……OR what MUJURU was reported as doing in the camps…….NOTICE TO ALL LADIES WHO WANT TO GET AHEAD ….. IT”S NOT WHAT’S IN YOUR HEAD THAT THE BOSSES ARE AFTER…..and you shouldn’t brag about it…..

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      Joe Cool 6 years ago

      Whatever got Mandy to the top, I really don’t think it was her good looks and irresistible body. Maybe she was giving out the dagga free.

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    No wonder our country is zero . We have no brain people doing a very important task.

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      Fallenz 6 years ago

      Well, instead of doing those important tasks, they were appointed to do the only thing they are competent in doing… kissing Mugabe’s rear end. And they do it so well.

      What would be so insanely hilarious, if it weren’t so desperately sad, is those people probably think they were brought in for their administrative and governing acumen. They can not even see what ridiculous fools they have made of themselves in the front of, not only the populous of Zimbabwe and its neighbors, but of the entire civilized world.

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    Svinurayi 6 years ago

    Shame this is typically shameful on you mandi to stoop so low!!!!!! Nxu nxu nxu nxu nxu nxu nxuuu!!