Independence Day now a farce: Zapu

via Independence Day now a farce: Zapu – DailyNews Live Jeffrey Muvundusi in BULAWAYO • 15 April 2016

BULAWAYO – With economic challenges leaving Zimbabweans hanging by the skin of their teeth, Zapu says the Independence Day on April 18 is no longer worth celebrating as the present Zanu PF regime has turned the country into a heap ruins.

In a statement issued ahead of Independence Day celebrations on Monday, Zapu regional spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said the once respected day has lost its significance as it has now turned out that the President Robert Mugabe-led regime was even worse than white colonial rule.

“The day is yet another annual remembrance of the fall of the colonial imperialist regime of Ian Smith which was replaced by a black majority government, a development we should be celebrating as a nation.

“We however, cannot celebrate but only commemorate the country’s independence for it has dawned on us that instead of freeing the nation from bondage, we simply replaced a white oppressor with a black and African one,” Maphosa said.

Mugabe has ruled the country for 36 years and recently claimed that Zimbabweans would be angry if anyone suggests that he leave office.

And Zapu says it is disheartening that Zanu PF has perfected the art of dictatorship instead of service delivery.

Maphosa said the obligation of the government on political democratisation, economic and social development has been ignored for mere creation and centralisation of power, which has often led to serious violations of human rights.

“Economic and social rights, such as the right to an adequate standard of living and continuous improvement of living conditions, the rights to work, social security, education and the highest standard of physical and mental health have never been realised by a government that has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that its priorities are misplaced,” said Maphosa.

He further noted: “Just as the colonialists did, our own have thrived on divide and rule tactics, with tribal and ethnic segregation by the government,  a system that has polarised our communities and negatively affected social and national development of our nation.”

He also noted that policy inconsistencies, coupled with “economic policies unfavourable and irrelevant to people’s needs” have wreaked havoc in the once jewel economy of Zimbabwe.

The Zapu spokesperson further said the general populace has been the victim as those in power have turned demigods beyond reproach.

“It is disheartening and discouraging that almost three years down the line the country’s laws are yet to be aligned to the New Constitution. It also scares life out of all responsible citizens that the current dictator regime does not at all subscribe to constitutionalism.

“The Constitution being a forerunner in the creation of a harmonious national existence and foundation for a democratic nation State, absence of constitutionalism and the general will to follow the supreme law turns this year’s Independence Day commemorations into another sad episode of our history as a nation.”


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    IAN SMITH 6 years ago


    Robert Mugabe————False

    Robert Matibile———-True

    Bob Matibile indigenous–False

    Independance Day———False

    Zimbabwe Ruins day——-True