India: ‘Sir Mugabe’ refuses to ditch suit

via India: ‘Sir Mugabe’ refuses to ditch suit –NewZimbabwe 29/10/2015

AS part of the pomp and circumstance at the ongoing India-Africa Forum Summit in Delhi this week, African leaders were invited to kit out in colourful traditional Indian attire for a group photo.

All the visiting African leaders complied, except one.

Sticking out like a sore thumb in his light blue western suit, was Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe.

His unexplained defiance of the dress code, necessarily invited speculation.

Was the veteran contrarian being true to his rebellious nature, or did he just miss the memo, many wondered.

A Zanu PF insider suggested practical and utility considerations.

“You would know that His Excellence never dispenses with his bullet proof vest,” said the party member.

“Again, because of age, he (Mugabe) has, lately, been known to wear a mid-riff brace that helps keep his back ramrod straight.

“That’s why his suits are bespoke – specially tailored for him. So, it may have been a bit of a challenge getting, in time, an Indian garment that accommodates both.”

Commenting on the photo-op oddity, UK-based Zimbabwe observer, Alex Magaisa, remarked on the veteran leader’s rebellious streak saying “Mugabe simply doesn’t do conforming”.

Magaisa also drew attention to a recent state media article by a columnist believed to be the president’s spokesman who revealed that Mugabe – who consciously affects the habit of an English gentleman in his dress – refused to wear the British coat-tails to dinner with the Queen during a visit to the UK.

But while refusing to dress like an English gent for the Queen, Mugabe – a long known crusader of African values and culture – conducts State ceremonies back home to strict colonial British traditions.

Writes Magaisa: “… on the occasion of State events, such as Parliament’s opening, Mugabe’s Government mimics everything British.

“The entire procession, all the traditions and protocols, resemble those of Westminster – including hordes of policemen on horseback, clad in colonial-style breeches, a vintage, open-top Rolls Royce, from the colonial times.

“Judges of the superior courts will be there too, donning odd horse-hair wigs in the sweltering heat. The chiefs proudly wear their uniforms, relics from the colonial era.”

Magaisa adds: “If Mugabe is serious about challenging “psychological vassalage” how is it that 35 years after independence Zimbabwe still apes the British and colonial ceremonial traditions and customs in such blatant fashion?


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    Joe Cool 7 years ago

    Mr Mugabe is still an insecure small boy now trapped in an old man’s body.

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    IAN SMITH 7 years ago

    “That’s why his suits are bespoke – specially tailored for him” directly ordered from Harrods in London.

    The Malawian Induna Robert Masuzyo Matibili (Mugabe not his real name) needs to look positively British against all all odds.
    It boggles the mind how Zimbabweans can bow down to Malawian for 35 years shameful.

    • comment-avatar
      Yayano 7 years ago

      Unfortunately @Ian Smith your comment reeks of xenophobia to be taken seriously. Xenophobia is xenophobia and we must fight it all round and not only when our friends and relatives start getting slaughtered in South Africa.

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    …so well, when Hilary Clinton _ as the next USA President _ goes on a state visit to any country, she must where the traditional clothing of the women there, even here in Zim a ‘dhuku ‘ and a colouer full Zambia around her waist.