Inn On Rupurara shuts down

Source: Inn On Rupurara shuts down – DailyNews Live

BUSINESS WRITER      6 May 2017

HARARE – One of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Nyanga – Inn On
Rupurara – has closed its doors and fallen into liquidation due to
declining tourists arrivals.

Best of Zimbabwe chairperson Gordon Addams said the closure of Inn On
Rupurara was the direct result of a number of years of unprofitable
operation, brought about by the substantial decline in tourism in the
Eastern Highlands over the past 15 or so years.

“It has become impossible to continue to sustain operations as the
supplementary funding that has been inputted during recent years is no
longer available. The operating company, Inn On Rupurara, has been placed
in liquidation and the matter is now in the hands of…Theresa Grimmel,”
he said.

Addams noted that the demise of the hotel, which has been operational for
the past 20 years was regrettable.

“…but I don’t need to remind anyone in the trade of the serious
situation facing hospitality operators in the Eastern Highlands over a
long period of time,” he added.

The latest development comes as the country’s tourism industry is working
around the clock to gain lost ground.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) every year hosts the Sanganai World
Tourism Fair, the venue alternating between Harare and Bulawayo.

Apart from attending key trade shows in Africa like Indaba, World Travel
Market Africa and of course the Magical Kenya Tourism Expo, ZTA also
exhibit in the main global tourism fairs like ITB Berlin and WTM in

But it is here that buyers find undivided attention as do the sellers, as
it is Destination Zimbabwe which is the focus of discussions and trade
deals signed.

The arguably best known attraction of Zimbabwe are Victoria Falls of the
mighty Zambezi river.

A new airport terminal and an extended runway has put the required
infrastructure in place for international flights to land and take off
with full loads.

This is something airlines in the past have cited as a reason why they
cannot route their services via Victoria Falls and now that the technical
facilities are in place it remains to be seen which of the big league
carriers will be the first to fly passengers directly there.

Regional flights from for instance Johannesburg continue to bring tourists
to see the falls, ranked and rated as among Africa’s top attractions
together with the Pyramids of Egypt and their monuments along the Nile,
the annual migration of the big herds between the Serengeti and the Masai
Mara, the tracking of the highly endangered mountain gorillas in both
Uganda and Rwanda and of course Mt. Kilimanjaro, aka the “Roof of Africa”.


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    This place closed down due mainly because ZRP road blocks on the Harare Mutare road were out of control.

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    Benjamin 5 years ago

    I absolutely agree with Homo Erectus. This wonderful spot was visited mainly by local people seeking a weekend break from the humdrum of Harare and other places. The attitude of the Police on the main Highways is despicable and needs urgent addressing if the tourism industry is to survive this onslaught. The state of our roads is also another problem although the Mutare highway is in good condition by comparison. And what about the lack of money ?? People do not want to wait in queues for hours every day trying to access their own money and then to spend it unnecessarily. They would rather used what measly amounts they can draw on essential items like food and school fees. WHAT A SHAMEFUL DISASTER !!

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    Mmmmm 5 years ago

    What euphemism from Homo Erectus and Bejamin! Road blocks are incomparable with loss of bookings! Closures due to zero visitors have also closed Inn on the Vumba and Pine Tree Inn, two of the once-flourishing ‘Inns’ of Gordon Addams. He has downsized now to running a stylish, well appointed B&B in Mutare. Called ‘Gordon’s’, long may it flourish …

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    Mmmmm – whatever makes your bum hum ………..!