Judge fury as soldier hits man for ZNA kit

Source: Judge fury as soldier hits man for ZNA kit – NewZimbabwe 04/06/2016

HARARE magistrate Tendai Mahwe ruled last Friday that soldiers were not allowed to take civilians’ clothes with camouflage print, or to assault or terrorise anyone wearing something which resembles their uniform.

Mahwe’s ruling followed a case in which a Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) soldier, Simbabrashe Sithole was dragged to the courts for assaulting a Harare man Lloyd Kuzondishaya as well as robbing him of a dollar.

Sithole also allegedly stole a cell phone and the camouflage printed T-shirt Kuzondishaya was wearing.

Mahwe asked the soldier: “Did you know that what you did was unlawful?

“You think you can just forcibly take someone’s clothes and make away with them just like that? If you are saying you did not steal, did you borrow it (t-shirt) or did you had any intention to give it back?”

Sithole told court that he intended to surrender the t-shirt at his work place.

“I only wanted our t-shirt and that what I took. I did not assault him; it was members of the public who did,” the soldier added.

Mahwe remanded the soldier in custody to Monday for sentence.

Court heard that Sithole met Loyd Kuzondishaya who was wearing a camouflage t-shirt last Tuesday at a flyover along Simon Mazorodze.

Sithole is said to have accused Kuzondishaya of wearing a camouflage t-shirt and went on to demand money from the later.

The court also heard that Sithole forced Kundishaya to do press ups and also started beating him.

Prosecutors also allege Sithole searched Kuzondishaya’s pockets and took the one dollar note which he found.

Sithole allegedly left the scene unnoticed but was arrested when Kuzondishaya identified him at a beer hall the following day where the later was contracted as a disc jockey.

Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.