Kasukuwere a liar from hell, says MDC-T

Source: Kasukuwere a liar from hell, says MDC-T – NewZimbabwe 05/05/2016

MDC-T national youth spokesperson, Brian Dube, says youths should rise up against Saviour Kasukuwere who continues to dupe youngsters with empty Zanu PF promises and “lies from hell”.

Dube warned the youths against accepting offers from Kasukuwere, adding they were going to be booted out of the land the local government minister has promised them ahead of the 2018 elections.

Kasukuwere recently pledged to youths in Mbare that his party was going to dole out 1 500 hectares of land for housing and business projects before the 2018 polls.

But Dube warned that the gesture by the Zanu PF national political commissar was not meant to empower youths but to lure them unawares into the ruling party’s campaign machinery.

“The youths will be given a dummy of land like what was done by Zanu PF before and immediately after the elections they will be beaten and chased away and told they are illegal settlers and criminals,” said Dube in a statement.

“There is virtually no intention to empower the youths but the design and plan is to fool them again.”

He added that Zanu PF had failed to fulfil the 2,2million jobs promise and there was no basis for the youths to believe “another lie.”

Dube said Kasukuwere’s promises were typical of “mafia gangsters”, urging youths to rise against such unrealistic pledges.

“What the youths of Zimbabwe must do is to mobilise and take action to remove this Zanu PF mafia government and restore sanity in the country,” he said.

“We know that the promise from the mafia gang leader Kasukuwere of dishing out stands to youths in major cities in the country is a lie from hell. The only message to him and his gang is the enough of you taking Zimbabwean youths for granted.”