Kasukuwere gets rare Zanu PF backing

Source: Kasukuwere gets rare Zanu PF backing – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 20, 2017

ZANU PF Bulawayo provincial chairperson, Dennis Ndlovu yesterday said the province will not be swayed to passing a vote of no confidence on under fire political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere because the charges laid against him are unclear.


Bulawayo remains the only province not to pass a vote of no confidence on Kasukuwere, a development that has angered some party members, who are now calling for Ndlovu’s ouster on charges of being the commissar’s puppet.

Zanu PF youths in Bulawayo on Wednesday staged a mini protest at the party’s offices demanding Ndlovu steps down. The youths also questioned why Ndlovu attended a meeting of provincial chairpersons in Harare called by Kasukuwere, who faces charges of setting parallel structures to unseat President Robert Mugabe.

Ndlovu was one of the four Zanu PF provincial chairpersons who attended a meeting in the capital that was called by Kasukuwere. Five other chairpersons reportedly snubbed the meeting on various grounds.

“The (youths demanding his ouster) purport to be from Bulawayo, but they are not. They are not even in the party structures. What really is there is that I don’t support individuals. I support the party and when I went to Harare, I went there knowing fully well the meeting was called by the commissariat. I did not care who was chairing.

“There are those who are saying Kasukuwere must go, fair and fine, but I was not told officially of the charges that he faces and it makes my work very difficult. We cannot, as Bulawayo, therefore, just jump onto the bandwagon of saying he must go, yet we have not been told officially what crime he has committed,” Ndlovu said yesterday in an interview.

He took aim at those plotting his ouster in Bulawayo, questioning their zeal to have Kasukuwere dismissed instead of expending that energy in ensuring the party wins seats in the city. Ndlovu said they had no moral authority to demand Kasukuwere’s ouster when Zanu PF continued to be trounced by the opposition in Bulawayo.

“There are people saying Kasukuwere must go, but they are not saying anything about their performance in elections. We have not won any elections and, as Bulawayo, how do we blame others when we ourselves are failing?

“Also, I do not think this is a party programme (Kasukuwere must go). There is somebody somewhere, who is instructing these young people to hold these demonstrations. Those that say he has wronged must have told us or tell us what wrong he has done, otherwise, as the situation stands, we have taken a position not to be involved in this kind of politics,” he said.