LATEST: ZimPF splits again

Source: LATEST: ZimPF splits again | The Herald May 3, 2017

Felex Share Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe People First has split for the second time in two months after a faction in the party today officially appointed former Ambassador and Retired Brigadier-General Agrippa Mutambara as the interim leader.

The development did not go down well with another faction led by the party’s elders Messrs Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa. The faction led by the two elders said by so doing, Rtd Brig-Gen Mutambara and his group had expelled themselves from the party.

They accused Rtd Brig-Gen Mutambara of using money to land the post. ZimPF first imploded in February when then interim leader Dr Joice Mujuru parted ways with the council of elders led by Messrs Gumbo and Mutasa.

Dr Mujuru later formed National People’s Party (NPP) while the elders remained in ZimPF. Mr Mutambara today convened a press conference together with Messrs Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Munacho Mutezo, Claudious Makova and other officials whom they claimed were members of the steering committee running the party.

Mr Bhasikiti said they only wanted Messrs Gumbo and Mutasa to be advisors in the party with no leadership positions. He said they rejected a proposal whereby Mr Gumbo wanted to be the president of the party, with Mr Mutasa coming in as his deputy.

More details to follow…..


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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    God help us please!

    Uncontrollable greed and the mad desire for power is destroying our Zimbabwe nation.

    When will all this back stabbing, infighting and plotting in the constant search of these two wicked evils ever end?

    Perhaps we will all have to wait until the originator of them passes from among us.

    After all he is well past his sell by, and even his use by, date…

    And please Doctor Dis Grace…we don’t want to be ruled from his grave…

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    This is just a group of zanu pf idiots, who are busy pass-timing while serving their punishment for disobeying their gods – Robert & Grace. Very soon their punishment will be over and they will be back into the man-fold loudly singing for the crumbs from the emperor’s table. You will see all these bald-headed geriatrics dancing & puffing, as if they processed y some evil spirits, as they sing blasphemous praises to Robert & his mentally unbalance wife – and, of course, some of them will start killing innocent people again as they force them to vote for Mugabe & zanu pf. nxaaaaa!