Mawarire followers defiant

Exiled Evan Mawarire’s Generation Church in Milton Park has vowed to continue with his work after he was forced to flee the country because of persecution. By Phyllis Mbanje Mawarire’s

Source: Mawarire followers defiant – The Standard August 14, 2016

Mawarire’s #ThisFlag movement announced last week that he was relocating to the United States after a short stint in South Africa that followed his arrest in Zimbabwe on treason charges last month.

President Robert Mugabe has on two occasions singled out Mawarire for attack after he played an influential role in one of the most successful stayaways in July.

However, there are some Zimbabweans who said they felt Mawarire abandoned them when they needed him the most and fears have been raised about the survival of the church that he leads.

Congregants yesterday said it was business as usual at the church.

“Our service as usual will be held on Sunday [today] from 10am up to around 11:30am,” said a congregant.

Another congregant said they were praying and fasting for change in the country.

The #This Flag citizen movement last week said despite Mawarire’s departure for the US, it was now formalising its structures and the campaign would forge ahead with its intended goal.