MDC-T rallies Bulawayo for anti-Zanu PF demo

THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T yesterday rallied Zimbabweans to join its anti-Zanu PF government demonstration in Bulawayo tomorrow.

Source: MDC-T rallies Bulawayo for anti-Zanu PF demo – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 27, 2016


The demonstration comes two days after Zanu PF organised its “million-man march” in Harare, where President Robert Mugabe vowed he would not step down despite calls by the opposition for him to hand over power in the face of the worsening economic crisis in the country.

Tsvangirai led another MDC-T protest in Harare last month, where he announced similar marches would be organised countrywide to register people’s discontent against mass poverty and other ills facing Zimbabweans.

MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe told journalists at a Press conference in Bulawayo yesterday that the main opposition party would not allow the continued abuse of citizens by the Zanu PF government.

He urged Zimbabweans to exercise their democratic right to demonstrate as enshrined in the Constitution.

“We are calling upon all Zimbabweans that are feeling the pinch of mismanagement and misgovernance and those that do believe there is still a chance to resurrect the country, which is in intensive care, to participate in the demonstration,” he said.

Bhebhe, who was accompanied by top party officials among them Bulawayo deputy mayor Gift Banda, said government could not be allowed to continue holding the country to ransom.

He said “people power should prevail as it is unstoppable”.

“You are going to be seeing the MDC-T leadership leading from the front on Saturday [tomorrow]. We will continue demanding that Mugabe goes to rest despite him saying he is not going anywhere, and we will continue criticising his failures and those of his government,” Bhebhe said.

“We face a tragedy as a country and we need to try and come together and realise that we are under siege as a country and tackle all the problems we face head-on. We believe in people power. We believe that no one can stop people power when the time has come to say enough is enough.”


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    Whilst you are still at it, will you please remind your supporters to go and register to vote. Most of us are good at complaining and demonstrating but not registering to vote which is the climax of all this madness. You need to up your game in mobilizing the people to register and vote!. A lot of people are ‘fed up’ of exercises they have never participated in. Forget about Nikuv, rigging, make sure everyone aligned to you is voting. At the end of it all be decisive when you win know which channels to follow to claim your wins not to abandon people like you did in 2008. Keep the struggle alive.

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    what a fact. There is a greater NEED for supporters to REGISTER as voters and at the sametime CASTING A VOTE IS GOLD within the MDC T basket.

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    tichy 6 years ago

    Makarohwa 2008 mukaramba kubva wani mavoti acho anga abvepi kusanyara kwe mbavha dze zvanyu, haikana zvedu asi zvanyu

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    Regimes thrive from voter apathy. Numbers make rigging impossible.