MDC-T supporters’ houses demolished in Epworth

via MDC-T supporters’ houses demolished in Epworth | The Zimbabwean 2 October 2014 by Nelson Sibanda

Police, Zanu (PF) youths and Epworth Local Board officials are reportedly on a retributive spree destroying shelters owned by suspected MDC-T supporters in Epworth.

The attacks started last Friday at the MDCT stronghold of Domboramwari and left some 100 houses destroyed, dozens of residents injured and others arrested. Police are championing the midnight attacks and have restricted people’s movements to the hours of 6am to 6pm.

Philip Foya, chairperson of the Epworth Residents Development Association, described the situation as desperate. “People’s rights are being violated left right and centre with impunity. This is political. There is no way a legitimate demolition would target only suspected MDC-T supporters,” said Foya, noting that the victims were not given any notice to pull down the structures, as is required by law.

He revealed that Epworth was virtually under curfew as police would invade beer halls and beat up patrons and others on the roads starting at 6pm.

Residents indoors are not safe either as several have had their houses broken into at midnight and been beaten up. Some of the households have been looted in the process.

Foya told The Zimbabwean that some known Zanu (PF) small business people would assist police and officials from the Local Board to destroy the shelters and beat up people.

Dumbson Dumbson, MDC-T district chairperson, accused the Local Board and Police of teaming up for a political retributive campaign against the opposition. “It’s time Zimbabweans stand up and fight against lawlessness. This has got out of control,” he said. Dozens of residents have been arrested for trumped up charges.

The houses were reportedly built on land bought by Zanu (PF) supporters for informal businesses.

Tafara Murambidzi, Epworth Local Board chairperson, accused families with demolished houses of illegally settling on state land. He blamed some land barons for selling state land to unsuspecting home seekers.

“The law should take its course as the local authority cannot stand by while land is being parcelled out to wrong owners,” Murambidzi said. He accused some land barons and residents for hiding behind political parties as they loot the land

Inspector Nyararai, the officer commanding Epworth Police, said: “If you are a journalist you should know how police operate…hah hah bye bye.”


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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    Scumrade nyararai. Yes you are on our radar and ” the big list “. Enjoy while you can. Pamberi mob justice viva street revolts pamberi regime change. Pasi zrp CIO zna green bombers

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    this shows we have to do it differently